Greetings and Introductions

Greetings Fellow Cultivators,

I found this forum and thought I would give it a go. Love to learn about this amazing plant and help others when I am able.

I have been growing Cannabis for almost 2 years after I found out I have cancer. I chose not to go down the mainstream medical establishment road and take their poisons and researched alternatives to chemo and radiation. I saw a homeopathic doc and he recommended Cannabis (among other things) and that is what I have been doing. I make oil out of the flowers and take a gram of that every day.

I started out a total idiot, seriously. No green thumb here. I figured soil would be the way to go but I struggled with it. I had a couple of successful grows but could not keep up with my needs. I had to get medicine from the dispensary, which is very expensive in the legal state where I live. My dispensary friend talked me into going hydro and I researched it out and eventually went with RDWC. I have had two successful grows there and in the middle of flower on my 3rd RDWC grow. I have a one plant site system with a res outside the 3x3 tent, total of about 13.5 gallons of water, and am growing a strain by Brother Mendel called Mendel’s Aether, currently almost 4 weeks since onset of flower, not sure how long this strain will go but I know what to look for.

I recently built a 4 plant site system the same as the singe site I am running now. If I am successful, I will not have to buy from a dispensary again, woohooo.

Anyhow, hoping to meet some great folks here and learn a lot and share what I have learned if I am able.
The Photo is from the Mendel’s Aether.


hey @SweetLeafGrow , welcome to GN and nice introduction. Sounds like you are on your way to some good growing and look forward to seeing your updates.


My brother glad I read your thread me you have something in common helping people succeed
I started growing almost 2 years ago I make my own soil by using old recycling soil success for me I’m all in to the fungi what ur plants need for successful grow your plants will take the nutes from soil when it’s ready key is keep soil temp good once roots get cold they struggle if u need anything wanna try out any my genetics let me know


Another thing is air keeping the soil airy so the roots can breath perlite good for that I usually mix 25 to 30 percent perlite rest recharged soil


What ever works for you is the key key tho :slightly_smiling_face:


@SweetLeafGrow Welcome nice to have you here with us :slight_smile:

lots of great info and help kind people willing to help a grower out

all the best and enjoy



Welcome to the Growers Network family @SweetLeafGrow. Looking forward to see some of those RDWC grows soon!


Welcome to the family @SweetLeafGrow


I am a hobbyist grower who has been growing off and on consistently (lol) for the last four years or so. I hope to turn it in to more than a hobby sooner than later. I am currently perusing a degree in horticulture at CSU and have really developed a love for medicinal plants. I definitely look forward to interacting, sharing, and learning from everyone here.


Hiya Sweetleaf. Thanks for the invitation to stop by.


Hi all - greetings from the north coast of sunny South Africa - I’m a hobbyist grower 4 years in - 20 years on the puff - have moved to a bigger space so looking to expanding my knowledge and possibly sharing some of my learnings.


Welcome to the Growers Network Family.