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Greetings from The Canna Dogg

Hello there all you beautiful people!

So happy to have stumbled upon this fine site! I run the site, aimed at teaching first-time growers how to grow.

I’ve been growing for about 15 years, and have noticed that since the wider legalization, there’s been a huge spike in “how to grow cannabis” type sites, but it seems to me that the vast majority of those sites are only there to redirect their visitors to an amazon affiliate page or something similar.

So I wanted to create a site where first time growers could get the absolute easiest way of surviving their first grow. I’ve seen so many people become disheartened by an unsuccessful first grow, because they’ve been told that one must grow in hydro and that they need a lot of expensive equipment to even have a remote chance of succeeding. So the idea behind The Canna Dogg is to have a really friendly and inclusive space, with simple, actionable instructions, that can help the first time grower to grow our beloved plant!

I’m a programmer in my day-job, so I’ve been working on how to make it even easier for the first time grower, and just launched my plant diagnosis tool here as well. I think it might be of value to some - the initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive anyway!

It seems like there’s a lot of really knowledgable and smart people on this site, so I’m looking forward to meeting you all, learning from you all, and maybe even sharing some of my knowledge as well, so that we can all get even better at growing the amazing plant we’re all here for! :slight_smile:


Welcome @cannadogg! Just browsed through you site and you’ve done a great job with lots of great content. :+1::+1:

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Thanks so much @Tygrow78 ! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Just like @Tygrow78, I also just cruised your site, very nice! I like what you’ve done!