Greetings from Trinidad and Tobago the Caribbean

Greetings all , I am loving the vibe of this network. Looking forward to developing the legal cannabis market within the Caribbean from cultivation to processing, quality control and optimization. I am an engineer by profession, intending on utilizing my petrochemical expertise in this new realm. Any advice and assistance would be deeply appreciated


Welcome @madmaxoo7

Great to have you here on GN.Lots to learn and I am sure also to share from your background in engineering. Amazing times, its legal in Trinidad and Tobago?


Hello and welcome.:v:


Thanks I most appreciate they symbiotic relationship of knowledge transfer. Trinidad and Tobago has legalized 30gm possession , licensing systems for growing and processing is currently being drafted.


Bradah I hope you get to dive in. It is an amazing industry to be in. What questions do you have? I have been operating for 2 years in the legal market.


Thanks a mill for being a mentor. I am curious to which option; either indoor or outdoor growing produces exceptional quality product and yields. As the Caribbean has tropical climate with lots of sunshine 12hrs a day 365days , I would like to capitalize on this however i am concerned with the threats of high humidity and bugs. I am not sure if this tradeoff is a viable option.
Should I consider strains specific to the tropical environment or should I jump straight in to indoor grow houses?
My aim is geared towards production via lean management, producing exceptional quality and yields whilst trying to lower the operating cost.


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Hey bro :slight_smile: I grow indoors. In my opinion outdoor Cannabis has several factors that limit its quality. First it is bugs; a bug carcus in bowl is a spoiler to me. Second is the waxes fats and lipids the plants produce to defend themselves from the harmful effects of the sun. Third is the risk of outdoor growing. Farming is an extremely risky business; last year was a very difficult year the weather was cold during the grow season then we had a warm wet spell just before harvest. At the same time the market tanked .All this happened to create a deadly environment for growers. 70% of the farms I know closed. At the same time my indoor buds have increased 4x in value. At the same time in is prohibitedly expensive for most people to grow indoors. If you miss calculate your equipment; you will have major problems in your grow so keep some money back to fix the learning mistakes of a new grow. I hope that helps. I am biased towards indoor.


love and lighg madmaxoo7, I’m Trinidadian-American interested in communal healing and medicine making hoping to do some work in Trinidad in the near future. I’m curious about your experience thus far. any updates?


Hey sorry for the late reply, it’s taken off by storm especially the oils and recreation sector