Grow and/or Dispensary space available

Good day, Everyone! I am brand new here, and I am hopeful we can help each other out. I am a developer and contractor who has properties available that would be perfect for larger, commercial-type grows. They are located in various states and counties, but, in many cases, I have checked the local laws and regulations and many of my properties are a good fit. I AM NOT A REALTOR! These are vacated properties that I own and, in most cases, built. Many of them are in somewhat remote areas and, often times, in the county vs. city jurisdictions. While they are not yet ready for growing, they have the power supply, and my construction company could help get them ready. Or, if you have your own construction folks, we can work with that, too. I’m not even sure if I am posting in the right place. I am just trying to think outside the box, fill up my properties, and help with is a strong growing industry. I look forward to your input and feedback. Thanks in advance!


Trust me man, if I had a couple million dollars I’d be all over that


Hi ~
I am a real estate broker here in California that specializes in legally compliant cannabis properties. Would love to over the details of your opportunities, if you have any in California. My company is and if you would like to send me over an email, we can get a call set up. [email protected]

We will consider leases for the right folks!

I am determined, willing and honest, looking to make a leap of faith?

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I don’t have a million but I have a start like 10gs saved so far

I want to meet the right people to start doing what I do on my own for some1 who can pay me

Hey Dana420 you have a website so I can see.

Just FYI - if any of you are thinking green houses, visit for the best plastic covering which, passes the suns complete light spectrum and eliminates the need for artificial lighting.

Yes it’s and I have additional properties coming up in Lake County, San Luis Obispo County and Santa Cruz County.

Any in Illinois?

Hi ~

Thank you. Would love to talk over some details on your property search. Feel free to send over an email to me [email protected] and we can set up a call.

hello, I was recently looking for real estate for agricultural purposes, and crossing with this post I guess it is something, would be awesome to have a chat soon.