Grow Buddy Software App - Grow Journal Software (Free)

Hey Growers, I came across an App last night that I’m really excited about. It’s called Grow Journal, and it’s a free app. If you’re a professional grower or home grower it can really help you organize, schedule and save all that information from each grow. I enjoy collecting this data… maybe you do too? Here’s the link;

I found another website that had some interesting grow diaries too. It’s tailored to home growers, but definitely a nice site. I really like the layout. Check it out;


That’s pretty cool - it’s fascinating to see the industry fill in all the app and service niches so quickly. Growbuddy has a donate link down the bottom, so it looks like they’re going after a shareware model.


Interesting. I’ll share with a few people to see if they like it.


(Growbuddy APP)

I’ve just started using it, and at first it takes some patience to figure out how and where you enter everything. There’s a good tutorial though, and after a week I think I’ve got everything figured out. Once you get up and running you have the option of sharing your journal with other growers if this interests you.

One feature I like is that each plant is individually tagged and grouped by crop and strain. It goes further by allowing you to nickname or phenotype each plant within a strain. Another feature; it allows you to enter every nutrient or additive that you use, and then allows you to create your own custom feeding schedule . It has separate feeding schedules for veg and bloom and allows you to extend your feeding schedules beyond 6 weeks for veg and 8 weeks for flower. Overall I give it high marks, and the software creators are still adding and improving it.


Looks like Grow Buddy just joined! Say hello to @tim


Hey Network,
I am the co founder of GrowBuddy. Thanks for mentioning us @garymorgan. We built GrowBuddy because we wanted a better way to record the information in our garden. It all started in a small room with a couple of plants, and now we are running 40k sq ft commercial cultivation facilities with it.
We developed and bootstrapped GrowBuddy all internally, so donations are always welcome @nicholas . There are three parts to the GrowBuddy ecosystem; the Grow Journal, the Marketplace, and Case Files. Each provides a way to improve the growers craft. We are constantly improving and adding more feature to the app, so we apologize if there are any issues you come across. Feel free to write in and suggest any features or let us know about any bugs you may find.
Check out our You Tube page for how to videos.
Thanks for the support and we hope you enjoy the app.

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Thank you for developing the App! I’ve just started using it, and I’m finding it very helpful in organizing and tracking my grow.
I’ve just started a batch of 48 seeds for my first licensed grow in Alaska. I’ll be culling the males and getting down to an eventual 16 plants under 16KW of lighting using the Current Culture RDWC system. I’ll share my journal on the site once I get to the third of fourth week.

I’ve found it to be very easy to navigate, just took a few days to get the hang of the navigation and where to input the information. Great job and thanks for sharing with us all. I’ll be sure to make a donation soon.