Grow equipment for sale - Cultivation closed

We closed our grow facility. Ideally we would like to sell it as one big package, which would make sense for a new grow who is starting. But we are open to selling individual items too. We have just about everything you need to start up.

144 HLG 600 R Spec lights ($500ea)
12 - HLG 100 V2 lights ($85ea)
Twister T4 Trimmer ($8000)
Soil Mixer ($6000)
Grow Tents
Portable AC units
Lots of buckets, drying racks, shelving the works!


Seems a little pricey those 600r they go for 499 on hlg refurbished page with a one year warranty seems you should be around 350 ish

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Are you interested?

They’re not refurbished in the slightest