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Grow Friendly Walls for Indoor Grow Rooms?

I’ve been looking into some new wall materials for growing indoors that will be moisture and mold resistant. Two that I have my eye on are:

Nudo Walls:<a+href%3D'l_building_products.php'>Building+Products<%2Fa>

CannaPanels: (also a good video on their FB page of them putting a room together:

Anyone have experience with either of these wall technologies and/or something else that they would recommend?

Edit: Just received some PDFs from CannaPanels. I’ll attach them.

Canna Panels Marketing Flyer.pdf (329.4 KB)
Canna Panels Pricing FEB17.pdf (107.7 KB)
Canna Panels Span Loads .pdf (94.4 KB)
Canna Panels Installation Guide.pdf (1.5 MB)


They both look impressive! The R value on the Canna Panels is amazing. Something we really have to consider here in the Canadian climate.