Grow journal 1week 2days old

Is this good progress for my plant for how old it is


Everything looks great to me. What soil are you in?


Great am using coco coir with perlite


Ahhh good deal. What nutrients are you using for her?

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Do you use nutes on seedlings?


What does the back of your bag say? Does it have added nutrients already?

Wellllllllllllllllllllll the bag says do it but i was told the soil has nutes so no need to add nutes.

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Says no need for nitrogen “at first” you can go with what they recommend or try your different line of nutes when she starts getting bigger

Maybe next round consider starting off in solo cups or 1 gallon pots

Grow micro and bloom

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You dont add nutrients in FFOF until you see your ppm’s drop below 1000. Which will probably be around mid flower. Until then…strictly ph’d water and maybe some Calcium and Magnesium if your not using tap.

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I am using tap. Whats FFOF?
Thats cool so you basically dont have to use nutes until mid flower? Three weeks after my transplant into ocean forest would put me at roughly my first week in flower. What should i be looking for prior to adding nutes?

I purchased some fast acting lime for the possible calcium deficiency starting up. Was gonna add some to my water. I should need to water it maybe friday. Soil has been pretty moist. And then i watered it with nutes last saturday like i mentioned earlier… according to the feeding schedule.

Fox Far— grow big

Fox Farm— big bloom

Fox Farm- Let me kelp you

It has filled in after the 1st topping, about 1 -2 weeks ago

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Where is your grow journal? I dont want to take over Kirsh’s thread.

Oh wow, didnt even notice. Sorry Bro! Lol
I will tag you.

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