Grow Journal - Johnny 7980

Here’s some photos of my first home grow! 4x2 Vivosun tent, SF2000 LED light, 100% organic with clover cover crops. Seeds from Grower’s Choice. Few thrips and tiny flies but otherwise happy grow :slight_smile: Starting this grow journal a little late, but I want to keep track of things here in a linear fashion from here on out.

CBD Blueberry – seeds

(second plant, earlier in flower)

Northern Lights Auto – seeds

Gelato, very beginning of flower – seeds

And some detail shots of the LST and cover crops :slight_smile:


hi @johnny7980

Looking great there. What else do you have growing in the pots in the soil, the “ground cover”. Some of the early bud stage pictures looks like you might be lacking nitrogen, might also be because of the camera/lens/lights. The leaves are very yellow.


They’re clovers. Might be sucking up some of the nitrogen. I could supplement some more. I use Fox Farm’s liquid nutrients, but haven’t really needed any up through now

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Some updates! My SpiderFarmer SF2000 fried when a breaker flipped, so I bought a two Maxsisun PD1500s (link) So far, they’re great! SpiderFarmer sent me a return label to ship the light back for them to fix for free. Definitely going to take them up on it. It was frustrating timing losing my main light this far into flowering, but I some cheap grow-light LEDs that held things together for a few days while the Maxsisun’s came in.


  • CBD Blueberry
  • Gelato
  • Northern Lights


Looks absolutely amazing. Everything looks so perfect.

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I bet you are sooooooo eager to get to those ladies. the final stretch. So much antisapation.

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