Grow Led advice 350$

Hı everyone from Turkey. I need some light and need your advice. I just have 350$ for light. I have already optic one xl 100w led. And 5 plant inside. İf you were me what would you do? I can buy used one if you have…

My grow room
width: 130cm
height: 180cm

(İf I wrote wrong place to this subjet Im sorry from admin also sorry from you for my English) :blush:


I chose qb288 style led printed circuit board.
Alibaba, 2x qb288 with aluminum heatsink led 240w (hlg 240h 48ab), pre assembled <200$ US. BUT BUT there is also mars hydro series and others. Check youtube, search growlights (growmau, justin2grow, migrow) your english better than me :grin: