Grow number 2

Well popped some of the new seeds and after some advice on here decided to go with 5 in 5 gallon pots. Annnnd we have life.


Oohhh where did you get your wedding cake from? Is it feminized?

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@katmwall got all my seeds from true north seed bank, and the breeder of all these strains is Canuk Seeds. The obi-wan kush is a collective of DNA Gentetics and Canuk Seeds. They sre all feminized. :slightly_smiling_face:


Let us know how that wedding cake is. I’ve been seeing seeds for it and was wondering how she tasted and smelled like.


Here we are 4 days after germination. I moved the light down a little bit, just using a cheapo LED from Amazon until they get a little bigger then will switch to 600w mh for veg. Then 1000w hps for flower


Here we are 9 days after sprouting. I dont think the obi-wan kush on the back left has grown an inch taller since sprouting just keeps getting bigger leaves :thinking:. All in all things seem to be looking good so far. May give them their first microdose of food today. Any thought or suggestions would be great thanks everyone.