Grow outdoors? Rainfall may shift northwards in coming years

Basically, wet places will likely get wetter (and might move north), and dry places will become dryer (likely moving north as well).


Your completely right based on maybe , possibly and likely. I could make my own guess. Which is what it is, a guess.
I do agree the weather is and will change, has many times.

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Another article on the matter:

Key point is this:

You have the best science-based posts. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more!


I have to share this with you all. This is a great resource for everybody to learn about how the sun impacts Earths weather and how the changes the sun experiences can change many features of our climate, environment, and human health.

We can all agree that climate change is happening, but the debate about the cause of climate change isn’t “settled science”. Science should never be “finalized”, it should be questioned and modified as new data is presented. Enjoy!


Sun activity is a fascinating area. It’s a whole chaotic system that we never know exactly when there will be solar flares. Plus in my former life working in IT it was a handy thing to blame random glitches on. “Your computer crashed? Must have been a solar flare” :slight_smile:


That’s what I love about this website! This guy does a daily morning spaceweather forecast. You can anticipate when the computer glitches may happen.


I know whenever our printers messed up when I was little, it was because the humidity had changed. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Taima I agree that science is never “settled,” and there should always be debate about the exact reasoning of why things happen. When you brought up solar activity, I remembered a graph I saw recently comparing the different kinds of heat input. Greenhouse gases aren’t the only factor. Solar activity, volcanic activity, the ozone layer, and sulfates in the atmosphere also matter.

There are multiple factors at play for something as complicated as climate change, and humans are one part of it (a significant part, IMO, but just one part).

Even better! This is what I was looking for (my fiancee found it). This was a really great interactive chart from Bloomberg News