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Grow Problems. HELP!

I have had some terrible stoke of luck lately and think its about time to ask for help…
SOMTHING got it my garden, not sure how, not sure what… but it broke a few branches
1st question… will the survive?? Or just cut em??

Next I have a nutrition issue or somthing but i cannot tell what i can be…
May be overfeeding??
Background: First grow…
Started in/currently in Miricalgro advanced soil…
They are between 80-110 days from seed… 4 weeks in flower
(Dont think it was a good idea now but…) Feed them fox farms big bloom, and tiger bloom…(at one point at every watering, every 2 days, 2 weeks strait…at the beginningof flower)
One plants leaves are folding downwards… the all have spots… I think I have ruined them

I got a new light 2 days ago also,(MarsHydroTSL2000) and now im having hell keeping temperatures blow 85, at the highest it got to 89!!!
Im just struggling…


Sounds like you are having some serious issues:

  • over fertilized - thick dark green leaves, too much nitrogen or nutrient lockout.
  • high temps - 89 is way to high
  • Maybe over watering to with the drooping of the leaves.

Your weed will survive the broken branches. If they not too damaged ,you can just resecure the branches and tape them up. Might work.

Personally I would flush with water for a couple days, but also check your pH levels of water going in, and the pH of the water leaving. It will give you a better ideas as to what is wrong.


It’s going to be tough flushing with miracle grow if you didn’t take out the time-released pellets before hand, like @chrisj says you need to flush though, it might take longer than a few days of flushing to get things back on track.

I don’t see any ventilation (exhaust) in any of those pics, I do see a intake tube, unless you didn’t take pics of the exhaust

You can recover those, however, it will hurt your yield, it will take longer to finish.

You can grow with miracle grow, you just have to dial it in, I don’t recommend it for beginners and can be a challenge for anyone if they didn’t do there homework.

Never feed with mg til you have it dialed in *most of that will be in flowering stage. Mg has enough slow released nutes to last 6-9 months (depending what type your using), thats why the flushing is tough.


I have 6in Ventilation fan at the top, i justbdecided to put my carbon filter on the outside because my lights where too low and heat was out of control…
My next crops are growing in coco, hope thats makes things easy
Another issue ive noticed, when inwas watering befor, i was not watering enough for run off…
After reading @chrisj reply…ive started the flush last night… water PH 6.5… and watered enough to allow run off but didnt test the PH of the run off, ill do it tonight when my lights come back on

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Sounds like you working things out. Good stuff.

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@chrisj, one of plants that are in flower is not bouncing back…
I measured the PPM from the run off, and it at 856( which i read is too low.
My other two ladies in flower are reading 2000+ PPM
All are in Miricalgro advanced, i have stopped feeding them any added nutrients because that was first mistake.
Any advice in what it could be?
Im scared to add anything, but with the PPM so low im thinking i should