Grow room drip irrigation setup

Hi, I’m trying to get more even water distribution I’ve tried a submersible pump but it didn’t give me what I was looking for. So I did some research and think I wanna use a demand pump with an adjustable pressure switch, and I wanna use a pressure tank. This is what I wanna put on my setup I need to know what order to put them in and if I need to add or subtract somethings

Demand pump like a shurflo or seaflo
Sprinkler control panel
Solenoid valve
Check valve
Union to disconnect the pump
Pressure tank or accumulator tank
Flora flex manifold 8 port
1/4” drip tubing
Netafim pressure compensating emitters

I have 24 plants

Is this the route to go for even watering? Or is their a better way.


Hello and welcome.

@Hydro might be able to answer some questions for ya…

We are glad your here. We love to watch you grow…


@slym3r Sorry I cant.
I do rdwc.
Maybe @poseidon


Ummmm. I am sure there are other ways along your same thought path but honestly…

You nailed it :+1:t2:

I am sure two years from now, you will either find improvements/efficiencies but your set on a solid foundation✌🏻

Happy growing! I want to build your system! That shit is fun for me


True a lot of fun but still mew so really frustrating

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I started in a bucket.
It wasnt for me so I built a rdwc system but there some improvements I need to make.
Always ways of making my grow system better .
Maybe @Tygrow78 can help too.
Hes rdwc though

@MrBlue do you know who might run a system like this?

I’m dumb. I totally read it as a hydro system. Lol. To early to read effectively lol.

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Is this like @honeygreens setup?

Found it @hydro921. Derp. I can not read today. Lol.

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@Slym3r it 's called growing og kush

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I bought the same one but mine is from a company called orbit I paid $11 on Amazon. I also ordered a other pressure regulator with a pressure gauge all in one that comes in today and I wanna see if it helps with my set up. I wondering if I need a vacuum breaker don’t know much about them but I see them used in irrigation systems.

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I do install stuff like that on regular water systems. Hammer arrestor for normal indoor plumbing. Keep vacuums from happening.

I would guess thats a must have for your system…