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Grow tips, tricks and hacks

Do you have a favorite tip, trick or hack that makes growing easier for you? Did you repurpose your vine clips as handy wire rigging? Do you use vertically hung trellis netting to hang and dry your harvests? Did you combine a green LED flashlight with your bong and gas mask to rig up a device that allows you to take rips while working in your garden at night? Did you invent the clone shipper? If so, we want to hear about it!

@mastergrowers, @CAMasterGrowers, @growopowners, @GrowOpEmployees, @CAgrowopowners, and really anybody else who wants to get in on this conversation, bring on your hacks, tips, tricks and techniques!


My stupid trick isn’t specific to cannabis, but if I suspect an iron deficiency, I stick a rusty nail in the soil.

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