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Grower Data & Metrics - ADD YOUR INSIGHT!

I am beginning this topic in this category as I’m not sure where else it should live however THESE ARE NOT ONLY AUTOMATED METRICS…

After conversing with @Growernick @ethan @Cure_Advantage_Ruben I’ve noticed that the conversation around data and metrics needs a home.

As we look towards a future of increased efficiencies what metrics are you growers: measuring, recording? looking to improve? or just wondering if it is even to possible to calculate or correlate?

I encourage you to post in this topic!!!

To start I am looking to gather a better understand of what metrics you are looking at?
Feel free to copy and paste and add to this. I am not suggesting these are the gold standard just a starting block:

Cost’s Per Harvest - [$/lb] [$/sqFt] [$/T] -(‘T’-Touch) [$/w]
Height - [in/ft] [in./per-week]
Width - [in/ft] [in./per-week]
Leaf Temp - [Day/Night] [Average]
Room Temp - [Day/Night] [Average]
Growth Rate - By Strain [in./per-week]
Inter-nodal Space
kWh - [period?] [week?]

Ok this was a quick list now I ASK YOU!!! WHAT METRICS DO YOU KEEP?

Would love to hear and learn from all of you!


!!!:grin: Tag all who enjoy data/metrics/math/and the cannabis industry :grin:!!!


Incorporate ISO 8601 weeks as the standard.

We need to work in weeks, day and tie to calendar.

The root metric is sqft/week or 0.1 meter squared/ week. This metric is the root.
The other is the total sqft year.

100 x 100 = 10,000 square X.
10,000 x 52 = 520,000 square X years.

If you take all of the items you listed, have to tie to these to generate both KPI and KPM’S. Across all dimensions

What is my wet weight per square foot week on average, mean, mode, min, max, deviations. Year over year by week.

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At Trym we’re all about tracking and measuring data within the cultivation facility. Our software automates data collection for growers and analyzes that data to reveal insightful things about yield and profitability. We assist with tracking plant, facility and operational data - data points like temp., humidity, CO2, daily tasks and energy consumption / costs are all recorded in app. You can also track plant batches throughout their life cycle and access a complete record of historical data unique to that batch immediately after harvest. This makes it easy (and fun!) to compare cost, yield and testing profiles between different batches, cultivars and facilities! I believe strongly in the power of strategic data collection and analysis and hope to help a lot of growers leverage their data for more plant knowledge and prosperity this year!



I would like to see what you do PM me and I will supply contact.

From the voices in my head

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