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I am going to use this post to reference growing essentials for you the home grower on, Ventana Plant Science and This topic will have product descriptions and coupons so you can save your pennies and spend them on seeds!!! Please feel free to ask any questions.

VPS OrganiPlug Hydroponic Seed Starter Plugs

  • EASY PLANT STARTER PLUGS: OrganiPlugs Hydroponic Seed Starter Plugs are a food-safe option for germinating seedlings and root cuttings quickly and effortlessly, Organic peat and coco coir OMRI listed ingredients supplement and support plant growth
  • STRONG SEEDLINGS: These starter pods for planting are pH balanced and pre-moistened with a proprietary mix of nutrients and beneficial fungi to give your plants the best chance of reaching their potential
  • READY TO USE: 50 plant seed starter plugs come in one single prefilled tray with 1.25” x 1.25” cells; OrganiPlugs have an all-natural, food-safe binding agent, are 100% compostable, and are the only Kosher-certified plugs you’ll find
  • SUPER PLANT GROWTH: Optimized and aerated for superior lateral roots, these plugs fit standard propagation trays; After rooting, vegetables, plants and flowers can be transplanted to reach their maximum growth potential
  • BY FARMERS, FOR FARMERS: Ventana Plant Science uses knowledge from decades of agricultural experience to create gardening essentials for plant growers; All products are formulated using the latest evidence-based horticultural science.


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If there are any products you would like to request please post or DM me and I will see if I can make a plan.

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COMMON CULTURE Tough Stuff Pack Sack Turkey Bags 10 Pack

  • Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, this premium solution offers growers a reliable option that surpasses the limitations of conventional turkey bags.
  • Say goodbye to less effective alternatives and discover the superior performance of the Tough Stuff Pack Sack Pack for all your turkey bag needs.
  • Go-to choice for secure and odor-free storage
  • Thick and strong, providing reliable trapping all day long. You can trust that the Tough Stuff Pack Sack will maintain its integrity and securely hold your items, ensuring peace of mind and hassle-free storage.

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This is a 10% off promotion; this percentage can range from 5-80% off:

Coupon code: 10AZQBNT