Grower out in Oklahoma

I’m looking for any high quality growers that are currently located out in Oklahoma.


I like to think I am a high quality grower. I am a million miles from you in the ass end of the world. But strangly enough we have a Oklahomian resident in this part of deep dark africa. She is our local barber. I am sure you will find someone closer to home.


I was just offered a position at a new grow going in very soon. What are you looking for? And why?

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Let’s talk.

I can provide direct feedback.

Send over a number, I’ll call you.

New Wolf Ranch Cultivation Broken Arrow Oklahoma. What are you looking for?

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Looking to see about starting a grow facility in the bottom SW corner of OK and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind letting us see your facility and how you have it set up? Thanks

Let me pass on to my partner and see what he says

I need way more experience. I am an Oklahoman grower. I know others as well. Okc areas

I am growing very good herb though.

Anything on checking out your facility?

I’m here in Oklahoma. Been growing 10+ years. A few years fox farm synthetics, a few years ph perfect advanced notes, A few years bottled organic, and my favorite where my heart is 100% no till living organic outdoor monsters. All is top quality no pesticides herbicides or anything other then pure worms microbes and nature. Pulling 2-5 lbs per 45 gallon pot. Yall can take a look on YouTube or IG IGTV. fadedfarm2020 all lowercase all together. Thank yall for taking a look


Thats how I wanna grow. I’ve been practicing with the others. I want the no till to be my last trial because I know ill stop there. Lol

For sure bro its amazing. Microbiology is something else

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