Grower with agricultural education is looking for a job with cannabis!

My name is Bruno.
I’ll try to keep it concise.
I am 30 years old and I felt a strong need to change my life as in the country where I live I cannot develop in my favorite field.
Therefore I am looking for a job in growing cannabis industry.

My advantages are:

  • diploma from an agricultural university
  • experience in running and managing a production farm
  • maintaining closed ecosystems e.g. aquariums
  • maintenance and care of regular gardens
  • good english skills for communication
  • several years of own amateur cannabis cultivation
  • love for growing hemp, for creating new genes, collecting the fruits of labor together and sharing with other people.

My flaws:

  • lack of agricultural support and country that would not limit me

I am located in central Europe and I cannot pursue my passion due to the law.

I am looking for people and contacts who will help me find a job and not waste my potential.
If you know someone who can help me or have valuable advice don’t hesitate to write to me.
I was thinking about Thailand and Europe but every tip, advice and offer will be worth considering. If you have more questions feel free to write.

Thank you and I wish you fat tops.:evergreen_tree:


Depending what state you’re in a lot of the dispensaries have their own grow-ops I would start checking there to get your foot in the door fairly quick they’ve got some fairly brutal schedules though


Hi @Polewik

Welcome to GN.

Check some of the topics below for more information about the destinations you mention and check out our job boards for more details about job offers. Germany has just legalised cannabis and could be a good and closer destination to try first and gain some experience. To have an agricultural diploma is a good advantage.

Emigrating to Thailand


and here in New York they would like for you to work for nothing :frowning:

looked into a local grow thing here in New York and was shocked at how little they wanted to pay

and how much they wanted you to bring to the table

as much as I hate IT I will stick with it as it pays well

all the best and good luck



@dequilo so you’re working at a grow facility is it indoors or both just interested most are indoors hear do to heat 115 ish thru out summer :sun_with_face:


look at it as something to do and not what I do now, I have worked in the industry before

back in my youth I worked in greenhouses growing bench crops for the Florist trade

I grew foliage plants as flied stock down in Homestead Florida and we would put them

in pots under 60 % shade cloth to acclimate for the Interior Landscaping Trade

I went to college for Horticulture/Greenhouse Management back in 1977

I am in IT because I had 4600 pounds fall on me in a Aluminum mill

worked at Inland Steel in front of 3300 F furnaces for 12 hours shifts so heat is not a big deal

for me just practice for Hell

I did talk to an Outside legal commercial grower around the corner from me, it went nowhere


all the best and grow well



Thanks for sharing :v:t2:

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