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I’m thinking about ordering from GC and I was wondering what’s your guys experience with them. Thank you!


@chrisj will be able to fill you in! He’s dealt with them before often.

Whatcha thinking about buying!?!? Lol

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I ordered from them. I just started a critical purple auto from GC. I had no problems with shipping (I live in the states). And my critical purple is so far so good.


@Slym3r , certainly have. It would be a better option to look at the wide variety available on our seed dashboard. I prefer using Sproutways, True North, Crop King and MSNL for more value and quality.


You can get some good genetics from them. I used them in the past but they started having too many issues. Good thing is they replaced seeds. I only run fems and regs they gave me autos on a few strains.

Critical purp was one I was going to grow. Check out Am haze and their widow and og worth it.