Growers in Michigan?

Looking to connect with growers in Michigan :+1:Message me great opportunity


Welcome to GN @allsters1! Plenty of cool people around here!
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Welcome to GN.
Don’t be shy. What opportunity ?
If you’d like to explain a bit more you might get a better response


Hello , I am from Flatrock Mi . I am a caregiver . I have 8 Budd lights in my barn that I am not using . Does anyone want to rent my space out . Currently I have 20 Budd lights and I won’t need till end of February. I still won’t have enough plants to fill the barn . I have 8 lights that I could rent out

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Hello again from flatrock Mi send me Tex if your interested in my 8 lights

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Hello I have 8 lights you could rent out , send me Tex Sherri
[email protected]

Hello I am from flatrock Mi , I have 8 lights I need to rent out , currently I have 20 but I won’t be using till February send me Tex Because my veg room is to small to Produce enough plants to fill bud room . I have a 10 foot fence around property, So if anyone wants to use the property to plant in summer to . Send me Tex [email protected] . $1500 per mth for inside