Growers in WA state… Anyone grow Northern lights Automatic?

I am looking to network with growers who have, can or are growing the strain Northern Lights Automatic.

I am seeking the dank smelling, Indica and light green and coated with white trichome. I am NOT seeking the Sativa crossbred variant of the strain or Northern Lights #5 which is also very earthy and stim/mid like quality of cannabis as opposed to the exotic quality of the “true” northern lights strain that is grown hydroponically with no pesticides etc…

Any growers in the WA state area with advice?

I am growing a couple crosses, wish I had some straight up NL’s. Am having good like with these auto crosses though. Buds are chunking up nice surprisingly not close to ready. Check out my pics. It’s my first totally organic grow and my girls love it. Costs the same pretty much. Mostly because you don’t use a lot of nutrients. The soil alone make them happy.

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