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Growers Network — Empowering Growers Globally

Exciting times here at Growers Network! We are very pleased to announce that we are launching a new public community for the burgeoning market of hobbyist growers, small batch growers, caregivers, and patients. Our private and professional forum members may see a few changes as we roll this out, but rest assured the community you have come to rely on for information exchange and professional engagement will remain the same.

Members of the public forum will not be able to post in any of the private forum categories, keeping the content vetted and professional for commercial cannabis businesses. You might see the new public community if you are logged out of your private forum account. As soon as you log in, you will see the normal private and vetted forum. Also, if you would like to engage in this public community, you can message me or the admin team about joining.

There will be certain categories that the public community can “Read-Only”. They will not be able to create posts or reply within these categories, including: Announcements, Vetted Partners, Cannabis News, Vendor Corner and University (Professional Cultivation). They will be able to view, reply and create new posts in Job Listings, Seeking Employment and University (Growing 101). The public forum will have a special category to talk about everything under the sun of home growing. You will not see this content, but can request to view, reply and create new posts in this public category if you’re interested.

Cannabis legalization is opening up all around the world, including in our backyard in the USA. It is our mission to empower growers all around the world, from growing at home to growing at scale. We will continue to work tirelessly to create free resources for growers, such as Growers Network University, Canna Cribs and upcoming top secret projects.

We appreciate everyone’s support and help to launch this new public community. You will inevitably come across something that is broken or in the process of being updated. Thank you for understanding it is par for course. Let us know how we can improve your experience with Growers Network. Together, we will bring cannabis to the world.


I like the sound of learning more about Hobby Growing!