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Growers Network Greenhouse Presentation - 1.2 million sq. ft EXPIRES FEBRUARY 8

One of Canada’s LARGEST COMMERCIAL GREENHOUSES is READY FOR CANNABIS CULTIVATION – looking for a buyer and/or strategic Partner, low-key, not publicly listed by our broker.

Hello @growopowners, if you or a vetted company you know is interested in operating in the cannabis ‘safe zone’ of Canada, here is an opportunity not yet publicly listed by our broker. One of Canada’s largest state-of-the-art Commercial Greenhouse operations is ready for cannabis production. This greenhouse complex is of a staggering ‘campus’ scale. Currently our group of professionals are quite busy with our facility licensing and buildout. The Greenhouse owner would like to remain low-key for personal reasons. The information presented here is slightly redacted and there are certainly no ‘for sale’ signs on the road. I am a ‘fellow’ grower and content expert for the Grenadier Group Inc… If you have any questions feel free to contact @raymond. Below are some highlights for interested parties in the USA.

Check out what this massive property has to offer:

  • Private sale of one of Canada’s largest modern Greenhouse operations
  • We will entertain a potential strategic partnership with vetted cannabis Companies
  • compliant-friendly, has the all zoning verification documentation
  • Vendor will remain as tenant during licensing process, move-out will commence immediately once work begins by purchaser
  • US citizens working in Cannabis industry will have no problem at Canadian border
  • Always a low Canadian dollar, low cost of production, super-civilized
  • The legal cannabis industry is recognized by Canadian Banking Institutions
  • ‘GMP-ready’ for export of cannabis-based products to Europe/USA (with DIN)
  • Many Canadian Licensed Producers are currently seeking ‘offtake’ contracts due to supply shortage
  • Vendor may be interested in a strategic partnership
  • There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of agriculturally-zoned property in the Province of Ontario
  • Has a potential to be an industrial park for hundreds of ‘micro-cultivation’ tenants

Let’s discuss. Send me a message @raymond

Thanks for viewing!



Absolute best of luck to your company!

There is more than enough business for us Canadians up here and I cant express how happy it makes me to see another company getting going.

I hope down the future we can have an awesome professional relationship for the benefit of our great country!

Best of luck!


Does it come with citizenships?


Thanks kindly Bryan. It’s a bit of a challenge because of the sheer scale - it’s not every growers’ bag. Raymond.


I know the challenge you are speaking of very well. But it’s a fun one!


@raymond @bryan.eden,

The scale is going to be a nightmare on conversation from floriculture to cannabis.

Just the number of cuttings needed is going to be a years work. The use of TC is a possibility if you want to manage a lab.

I did 20 million poinsettia cutting one year that was a nightmare.

Who could supply enough predator insects? For that size?

Monitoring becomes a nightmare on this scale.

I see possibilities, but the numbers would really have to work.

I would want one of my friends who is an actuarial to run sum numbers.

What are the bay sizes?


Hello Ethan. The operation is currently a Best Practice cucumber facility that uses IPM. It is located in the ‘Greenhouse Belt’ of Southern Ontario. Predatory insects are cheap and plentiful over here. Most savvy growers use simple and specific house plant species that are breeding grounds for predatory insects. Tissue culture/micro propagation has advanced quite a bit in these parts. This setup is an automated machine for cucumber propagation and there’s lots of space to expand the propagation part of it. As for the bay sizes, I can send you a a site plan that has the pertinent information on it. Send me a private message with your email and I’ll see if I can send it. If you would like to chat, I can send you my cell too. Raymond.


Do you happen to know what that house plant species is growers are using to breed their predatory insects?


Hello Growernick! Here are some resources for starters. I will have more specific information soon. Best regards, Ray.


Please to all! That is digital.


Hello again Growernick.

Some of the plant species we use are Wheat and Rye which are infested with aphids outside of the growspace, then a parasitic wasp is introduced to said aphids, then the plants are introduced into the growspace and total war is declared. The grasses are referred to as ‘Banker Plants’.
Simple ‘Table Beans’ are a food source for some predatory insects and they foster large populations (rather than purchasing from a predatory insect supplier). If one searches ‘Banker Plants’ along with the name of the target pest, google will conjure up all sorts of sources of info.

I hope that was helpful.


Calling @Farmer_Dan, this is what you are looking for in the field.


You Now know only can foundly think of my bug collecting days and having to stock up.

Foray for mushrooms is a close second, much more rewarding than bird watching. :slight_smile:


Vary nice, I love any details as a curious old man. :blush: