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Growers Network — New Public Community

Exciting times here at Growers Network! We are very pleased to announce that the folks who bring you Canna Cribs are bringing a new forum to the growers of the world. For the first time ever, Growers Network is opening up our doors to the burgeoning market of hobbyist growers, small batch growers, caregivers, and patients. We want growers like you to have access to the critical information, cutting edge content, university-level discussions, and exclusive discounts and giveaways you need to grow the dankest buds on Earth!

Whether this is your first home grow or your 40th, we have the top growers, writers, thought leaders and vendors here to make all your grows a high-yield. We look forward to seeing you and your grow on Growers Network!


Thanks so much for your warm and postive welcome. I’m a patient and caregiver who has experienced a quality of life the past three years I had forgotten. Elimination of seven pharmas with the use of cannabis. Availability and the cost at dispensary is wrong they cater to rec. Look forward to working with you. Thanks