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Growers Network Performance Testing Explained (and How to Apply!)

Growers Network Performance Testing


Crowdsourced performance testing for verified equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Place your products in the hands of the top cannabis growers around the world, receive feedback, and iterate upon your product development lifecycle. Growers Network serves as your gateway to the world of the most cutting-edge, professional, and licensed cannabis producers.

How It Works

  1. Select products and/or services you want performance tested, then send them to prospective members within the GN forum. Facilitated by GN community team.

  2. GN publishes your performance testing program, with predetermined criteria and rules, along with the topic template for growers to follow in their review:

  • Receipt on delivery (any visible damage, packaging)
  • Unboxing (what’s included and inside)
  • Setup (does it require special instruction to set up, etc.)
  • Operation (ease of operation, initial thoughts of performance, ongoing performance, etc.)
  • Conclusion (ending thoughts of performance, concluding summary and feedback to vendor will be written in a performance report)
  1. The growers will publish the topic template review, within your Vendor Corner.

  2. The topic will be open for discussion, where the growers can discuss with other members about their overall experience.

  3. The growers will then complete a final performance report, with a conclusion and summary of their testing experience with a quantitative rating. Data to be shared with the corresponding vendor.

Performance Reviews

GN guarantees you a fair product review by our community of licensed and professional cannabis producers.
Growers are not compensated for falsified or biased results. The raw truth will be conveyed.
Reviews are exclusive to GN and the affiliated company for the test.

How to Apply

Call our e-mail our team today!


Brendan Washington @BrendanW
[email protected]

Nick Sandberg
[email protected]

*Performance Testing Program is only made available to Verified Vendors.


I’d like to invite all of our @EquipManufacturers and @EquipSuppliers to feel free to check this out and feel free to message our staff with any questions!

As we build on this model I’d love to get input from @growopowners and @GrowOpEmployees to check out the products that are out there, be aware of new innovations and technology, and hopefully prepare better decision makers for this industry that tends to take interesting dips and dives!

Thanks and looking forward to seeing your products in action!


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Great idea Jordan. I’ll call you next week to learn more.

Flip Sheridan
O: (937) 723-9818
M: (937) 689-6944


Good morning Flip!

That sounds great, let’s have a chat!

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This was a quote from the Colorado Cannabis Industry Worker’s facebook group this morning:

Can anyone point me in the direction of a good wholesale led lighting company or good brands to look into for supplemental lighting in commercial greenhouses?

What resources are available to a grower like this on Facebook to make a qualified decision? Not many.

This is a huge push and reason for wanting to see performance testing done from a reputable source. Anyone can say they have the best LED lights. I know this, I spent the past 2 years contacting as many lighting companies as I could for the performance test program I helped create on the Autoflower Network (of which this performance testing here is actually based off.) Every company I talked to had the greatest lights in the world. The best technology, the best value for price, the best customer service and support, etc. Please, tell me more about your integrating sphere? :rofl:

Levity aside, it’s growers like this that are becoming decision makers. It’s home growers that want to become bigger and better that someday become commercial growers. When we have peer testing like this, they can see other growers using those products in action and know they can get some honest, real feedback about it.

Let’s build the better grower. Let’s prepare the better grower!

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@Jordan please contact me about this good idea


Absolutely @ralpht , it would be my pleasure!


cool. I’m finalizing my program . I can give you the RKAG feed .


Love this idea! Looking forward to chatting tomorrow Jordan


Hey All,

Glad to see the attention the Product Testing is getting. We have a HUGE project in the works, so be on the lookout. I am available to speak with anyone interested in product testing as well. We can outline a plan and locate a grower within the Network. This is an amazing feature and we love checking out NEW products and equipment! This is a great way to introduce yourself to the network and develop a strong following!

Feel free to call me or send me an email.

(520) 337-4601
[email protected]

I look forward to speaking with you all!


Email sent

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