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Growers Network to Attend 2017 Errl Cup: Arizona Festival and Awards!


The Errl Cup was created in 2015 to help patients get safe access to clean and consistent medicine in Arizona.

This was after Jim Morrison one of the owners lost his sister to MS.

She used cannabis to treat her symptoms but always had trouble getting clean and consistent medicine.

Shortly thereafter in 2015 Jim and Jay started their plight the Errl Cup out of their pockets bringing the first Arizona Cannabis Event and Awards.

Growers Network will be attending and providing updates of event and announcing the Errl Cup Winner Live!! Additional we would like to extend our support to @Growernick who will be competing in the event and representing our team!

Doors open Jan 13, 2018 11:00 AM

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This looks like a really informative and enjoyable event! I look forward to attending.


Very Excited!


I have a ticket but found out I have my granddaughter’s 6 & 3 year olds birthday party in Tucson. is the same day I will be passing Tempe on my way back home to Peoria, AZ around 7pm when the after Errl Cup VIP After Party event is. Does anyone have an extra pas or know where I may obtain for the Errl Cup VIP After party?

If so please call or reply here with the information. Much appreciated. Gratefully…Ken Kaufman, Founder of CannaLife Insurance & Financial Solutions.

Office: 623-977-3411
Email: [email protected]


Hey Guys,
I will be heading to the Arizona Errl Cup tomorrow to compete. I look forward to meeting with you guys and showing my support!