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Growers: Used Greenhouse Structures Available

The greenhouse on the top right/lower left, you can see the fiberglass is old and needs to be replaced. We can take the greenhouse down and ship it anywhere. This greenhouse is a very strong and was hot dipped and shows no sign of rust. It is adaptable to any kind of cover and retractable curtain and light deprivation

The steel building on the top left, you see stacked on to ground is similar to the one picture at the hydro-electric on Gwenella Pass outside Georgetown Colorado. That is in a avalanche zone and has endured many, unscathed.

I could help somebody out, all these can be shipped right away without much lead-time as a new structure takes quite a bit of time.

All these are as good as new at much less expense.

Thank you for checking it out!!!

For more details including location and pricing, please contact me @markmountainshore

Mark McGinn
Mountain Shore Inc.


We have more used greenhouses that can be shipped to anywhere in the U.S.

For more details including pricing, please contact me @markmountainshore