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Growers....we want to invest in you

We would like to sign growers up for our “certified urb” program. Contact me or reply here for details. I need to rewrite this segment as things have changed since we closed out our “friends and family” private offering today.


I should tell the story of URB a little better.
When I say we are a PROVEN product in a NEW Market… I really want to stress PROVEN

The presentation which we need our one grower for is the same one that we beat out over 800 companies and won last year. It was kind of like shark tank. The attendees of the conference were mostly made up of VC’s and Angel Investors… The Judges were…

John Mackey - CEO of Whole foods
Steve Forbes- Editor in Chief for Forbes
Kevin Harrington- Founder of “As Seen on TV” Shark Tank host

We won. John Mackey said we are going to “disrupt agriculture worldwide” and “Please, please, please,” he said. “Don’t sell out to Monsanto.” on the agricultural side of the house John Mackey wants us to stay independent. Combine his interest and the product’s advantages, and Monsanto may have met its match…URB was born from a technology and group of people with the desire to support our farmers, protect our food and water supply, and sustain our resources for this generation and the next.

Our products are developed by a diverse and spirited team. We allocate significant resources to the continued advancement of our technology through research and development, strict quality control management, and data collection while sustaining technological improvements to meet the needs of producers. We have built a team of scientists, farmers, engineers, and marketers who share the common mission to ensure that our products continue to meet the needs of agricultural producers to grow higher yielding, healthier crops using more sustainable practices.

As we have grown from a company staffed by three into a network that includes domestic and international licensees, investors, consultants and customers, we remain a family of people motivated by the same principals and driven by the same passion to leave a legacy of hope, good stewardship, and possibilities.

We are providing an organic sustainable solution to feed the planet and its growing population. Feeding a global population which is projected to reach 9 Billion by 2050 will require that agricultural yields increase by 70-100% Yields of any given crop vary widely from place to place, even in the same region.Those who study global agricultural trends speak of the ‘yield gap’, which is thedifference between the best observed yield and results elsewhere. Theoretically, if that gap could be closed — if all farmers could achieve the highest attainable yield — worldwide crop production would rise by 45-70%.

Ultimately this is what our company is about, we want to overturn conventional old school ideas around farming and we want to kill the fertilizer companies profits which are killing our soil, earth, and natural resources.

Yield gaps can often be explained by inadequate fertilizer or water, or by losses to pests or disease, but vast increases in use of fertilizers, water, and pesticides are not only economically impractical, but would have many negative environmental consequences. Scaling up current high-input agricultural systems is simply not feasible

The patented technology of URB has been tested and expanded 200 times over. These results have been documented by credible third parties, such as universities (both U.S. and international), independent PhD’s and testing companies, farmer co-op’s and government agencies. Studies have been done in…

independent grower field trials
greenhouse studies
replicated plot trials
in-house laboratory experiments
specialized testing facilities

URB has been specially formulated for the needs of the cannabis plant. My story within all this goes like this…

In 2009 I read an article about a microbial solution to farming and contacted the organization to conduct trial studies on my MMJ crop. The result of my trials and the relationship formed with the CEO led to the creation of URB. Legislation around legalization and the movement which continues forward allowed for us to commit to a Cannabis formulation and marketing campaign. Which just so happens to start here. I have outstanding results on almost any crop that we as human beings currently grow…and studies to back it. What we don’t have is a lot of trials or studies with Cannabis. Which is why I am here to give out samples…I want pictures, comparisons, etc etc. just like we have for all other crops…i will attach pictures below… but more importantly. We want this to be a collective type ownership, we want everybody using, owning, promoting a sustainable solution that increases the end yield in both quantity and even more importantly quality to all growers from beginner to advanced. I don’t want to push people in anyway…i just want people to try our product and see the results and let it speak for itself… we have a few people from this forum on board who were bold enough to step out and join with us and I look forward to the pictures. This thing is inevitably going to grow mostly because Investors and capital is not an issue, which allows us to grow this thing and get it out there…but really the results will speak for themselves and what I want…is to let growers come up with us. It is a win win win for everyone involved and for the cannabis users nationwide when the time comes.

So again, I post more trying to “sell” this incredible opportunity…bumping and maybe becoming a nuisance but really I just want people to understand my vision with this whole thing, understand me, that I am not a salesmen more of a promoter of things which I believe in… I cant sell some “schwag” to someone and feel good about it, its not in my nature. Sometimes I feel that way on here… I am just trying to share a vision and bring hard working quality people along for the ride. So, if this information helps you to make a decision please get in touch and lets move forward on this. I don’t know what else to say…if you have any criticisms or questions ANYTHING… present them to me… I am here to learn and here to help in any way possible.

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@URBorganic irie, is this still going on ? let me know


It is… sort of. I am not sure if you would get the same multiplier. You would still be considered an early adopter though and be compensated as such. Its just right now, literally right now, like today through the 22nd our shares are being sold at 6 dollars a share to a bunch of VC’s and Angels. So you would get in at that price. This is our program going forward though. It will be included and offered within our labeling for all customers who want to invest, as well to non customers on and then publicly on the NYSE. I can give you more details in a PM or over the phone.

If you have a cash problem then I do not know how to help you out unless we flew out to meet you to collect annually. Which we could do, ( I would love to actually ) but a check would save from the headaches related to getting that cash back to the US. For our US based growers with too much cash ( I think only people like us in this community have this “problem” )…We sell a cloning formula which partnered hydroponic supply stores will only sell to growers who desire to become “URB certified” partners. This will be sold to collect the payments from growers who deal with cash only, we will be paying a commission to the hydro stores. The price of the URB cloning solution will be a percentage of revenues generated by the increased quantity and higher quality crop sales, regardless of what that amount is they will have to meet the contractual minimum annual payment which in this model is 20% interest free on their investment each year, over a 5 year period.

The only concern I have is that right now, we are seeking US based grow operations. We are in talks with large reputable farms in Canada but nothing official yet. We have plans to be international but would like to focus on the US first. Do you guys have US distributors for your genetics? Do you have any partners with operations out here? If you want to do this deal we can accommodate it. There are many ways I can see us working with you, its just a matter of working out the international logistics. Please PM me for more information and official literature on all of this.

Stay Irie,



Hello my name is Barrett I am seeking a little more capital in a multi faceted grow/processing/dispencery outfit in Oklahoma. Only need about 75-100k additional to get me over the hump. 918-816-9442 so I can explain in further detail.


Hello I’m looking to get more info