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Growing cannabis and having a college degree

Hello Folks,

I am new to the forum FYI. I live in Virginia and I am wanting to start a career in the cannabis industry. My name is Justin and I am a 22 year old male.

I am curious in this date in time if pursuing a bachelors in a horticulture or agrilcultural business major would be worth my time in my quest to become a cannabis grower for a commercial operation. Please let me know your opinions! They are greatly appreciated


My thinking is that a controlled agriculture degree is hard to go wrong with if you want to be a grower (most universities supply this kind of degree). If you want to be more on the business and retail end, an MBA would probably serve you well.


Thanks Hunter! I also forgot to add that I will eventually start my own operation. Do you think the regulations and licenses to grow legally will have a requirement of a college degree in the next 5 years?


Would highly recommend at least attending this Controlled Environment Agriculture short course that the University of Arizona offers. This year it was about 1/4 commercial cannabis growers: