Growing Cannabis in Hot Weather: Advice Needed


I’m from Sheridan, where the weather gets hot. I need help with my cannabis plants.

I have an anxiety disorder, and friends suggested cannabis might help. They say there’s scientific evidence supporting this. Since buying cannabis is expensive, I decided to grow it at home.

Here’s what I’ve started with:

  • Cannabis seeds
  • LED grow lights
  • Grow space
  • Containers
  • Soil
  • pH meter
  • Ventilation system

It might be basic, but now I need advice on nutrients and fertilizers suitable for this hot season. I started using mycorrhizae, but I’m worried I might be using too much. So far, my cannabis plants seem fine, but I’m concerned about any potential long-term effects. If anyone has faced similar issues, I’d appreciate your thoughts.


So r u doing indoors or outdoors. Makes a but of differences. Im a fan of jacks 321 nutrients. They r a dry nutrient that goes a long ways and is fairly cheap to purchase indoors or out will make a difference tho and if u wanna go salts or organic based

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Hi Sheridan

Welcome to GN and the world of cannabis. Sounds like you have a good lineup already, what cannabis seeds are you starting with. There is certainly scientific evidence about cannabis supporting people with anxiety, its a great medicine for the brain and body. Shout if you need help setting up your grow and post some questions.

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