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Growing Conslutation in Southern California

Hi I’m Nate Greenmen with Vegannic Solutions. Need help I’m around just call me at 213-476-9940.


Hey Nate I will be in LA on the 24 I was reaching out cause I’m from the southern region and we don’t have access and full knowledges of growing I wanted to talk to some growers who may can help.

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Just call me and set a meeting. I’m available from 1 to 2 on the 24th. If that’s ok let me know.

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Thank you my flight comes in Thursday I will be calling you then.

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@melcarte, hit me up if you’re interested in discussing recirculating nutrient delivery and its benefits as well as best practices in water filtration.

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My flight lands at night I will call you when I make it n try to schedule something.


I made it to Cali. I would like to link up and talk with you while I’m here get with me please.

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