Growing for Extraction

@ExtractionEquip @ProcessorOwners and @ProcessorEmployee,

What kinds of material do you prefer for top quality extracts and distillates? Fresh-frozen flower and sugar leaf? Whole plant? Dried material? Dried and cured? Is there a bud shape or size or other characteristic that’s easiest to pack into material columns, handle or grind? What kinds of processes or end products are the easiest with the highest return in value or quality? Is there a direction you think the extraction market will be heading in the future - what kinds of cannabis best serve that market? What processes and products will best serve the “craft beer” style farmers and processors?

This side of the industry is going to be so important as the market matures, and I think growers should consider the processors and the overall flow of materials through the industry. Please give me some guidance as a grower who doesn’t know enough about processing.


Any processors with input? If you had 10, 100, 1000kg to process, what would you want?