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Growing for extracts

Is anyone growing specifically for extracts and resins? What strains are you growing and why did you choose them?


Let me ping @tasiakelle as I know her focus is on extractions.


I stick to strains I know very well, so I know what I’m going to get out of them, if I run skywalker OG it’s going to be blonde every time if I run Gods gift it’s going to be a little more Amber toned, and then I’ll manipulate the consistency after that whether I wanted to be straight shatter a live resin a crumble etc… that way I don’t have to take the time to distill.


Also I’m referring to fresh Trim you run old Trim you might as well just plan on using your short path.


Gorilla Glue tends to be a favorite at the moment for extractors.

Lately I’m liking the Citrus Sap from Crockett (Tangie x Gorilla Glue #4).


Is there a difference for how you grow if your goal is to make extracts?


I believe extract growers cut a little earlier than those who are producing more for flower.


Amen just did a sunset sherbet nug run smells superloud


It all depends on how you grow, what you grow, what extract you intend to create, do you wish to isolate terpenes from your own product, do you want live resin products utilizing fresh frozen material, how important the quantity of bud vs concentrate yield is for a run and how much money do you have for specialized equipment? I run BHO for bulk shatter, C02 for pen cartridges and terp isolation, rosin and clear from either process mentioned previously. I personally use B Buds, Trim or any flower not exactly perfect A grade from my strains with the most terpene content. Run through over a few hundred pounds of B Bud material for the extractors per month which is all from in house flower rooms. If growing straight for extraction, I flip lights to spectrums above 4k, throw UV into the mix, change lighting schedules, and make sure that side lighting is utilized with minimal lollipopping. Just how I do it for large tier 2 production status but there are so many ways to do it :slight_smile: Honestly, what does the market want and what do you want out of it should dictate what strains and how to grow them :slight_smile:


When growing for extracts you can use different light spectrum to influence THC, terpene, and cannabinoid profiles for a higher quality product


Actually I find that it depends on the end extract goal ie., ice wax, rosin, bho, co2. The strains I grow were specifically picked for ice wax in mind originally but have since been used with great results for bho and rosin. I like loud terpy strains that carry over to loud terps extracts.

  1. Clementine
  2. Super Lemon Haze
  3. Golden Strawberries #7
  4. Starburst OG
  5. GMO
    Those are probably my top five strains. I have many other strains but none like those 5.

I love the lemony-citrus flavors of a good Lemon Betty blast.

The combination of the myrcene and alpha-pinene in Animal Cookies makes for a shatter that will leave you drooling and couchlocked.

I agree with @tasiakelle here, fresh is key! After every trim sesh, we vac up all the trim and pop it in the freezer until it’s ready to be prepped for extract.


Freshness is always the key to great terpy extracts.
Fresh Frozen for the win.


Hello all, I am the gm of an indoor grow in AZ. I have little to no experience with extractions. Our company does ethanol extractions. There is some controversy as of lately, our shatter is gold but when put in the rotovap it turns red and then in the oven it turns gold.

Can anyone offer some advice as to why this is happening?
Is there something that we could be doing in the grow that would cause this?

Thank you for your responses, i appreciate all the help i can get

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