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Growing from Home

Hey Growers!

Welcome to my grow journal! :seedling::leaves::sun_behind_small_cloud::dancer:t5:

I want you all to meet my gal, Plantana
Today marks 36 days from seed :heart: It was a really special day when I found what would become her in my bud.

She stretched alot her first days, quickly realized that her light source was way too far from her and I had her on a 12/12 schedule.

fixed this around her 8th day from seed and have had her on a 18/6 with a much closer light source.

I’ve potted her in an aerated bag with miracle grow potting soil from the shed, and water her with treated water.

She brings me joy. I love waking up and lookin over at her in the mornings. She’s on a light diet of 12w led (100 watt equivalent) and supplemental sunshine, as my room gets nice and sunny. I paint with her, sing to her and write poems. She’s awesome.

She’s an early urkle strain, and I haven’t been able to find any other info than whats posted on the Free World genetics website. Anyone have experience growing this strain?


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happy growing


Happy growing man! You may run into some problems with that miracle grow soil later in your grow. Keep an eye on the leaves. They will tell you what she needs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :seedling:

good luck man! Can’t wait to see how she turns out!!


Thanks katmwall, I’m gonna print this and laminate it :sunglasses:


mg has a timed release nitrogen. so in flower they need less nitrogen. so keep an eye on your nitrogen input and keep it lower than usual and youll be fine.


Oh man…you got the grow bug my friend. HARD!! Looks like she has a light saber for protection too. Lol good stuff - congrats Plantana Daddy really loves you!! You’ll be well taken care off.
PS. Mine love a little disco in the afternoons. Her little trich discoballs gleam w pride!


Greetings Growers :seedling:

I hope you and your plant buddies are doing well.
Plantana is 41 days from.seed today!

My soil meter, extra light and battery fan came in today.
No pictures of the new setup yet. I really hope tomorrow is sunny(!!) its so fun to take pictures of Plantana in this room when its sunny. She always looks so happy facing the blue sky and full bodied sun

Onto my inquiry grow gang–>
I got a reading of 7.5 ph on my soil meter (I’m not going to do anything just yet until I test the soil with some strips) but,
I also noticed some yellowing on the edges of her middle aged leaves.

I was thinking it looks like a nitrogen deficiency, but it may still be too early to tell
Anyone have experience with this?

Oh boy, here comes my issues with Miracle Grow soil

Onto further soil testing :face_with_monocle:


No doubt…and maybe a claw coming on too. If your ever going to try and lower your ph you still want to dose her w a tolerable # and not blast em w a 5 or lower. You mentioned strips, do you have a meter to read run off. Regardless see what she is reading. You jostled my memory w the miracle grow…you got to work with what you have right … man best of luck. If you decide on wanting some opinions tag a couple folks. If so name some of your need to know grow facts to assist… :+1:

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I am beginning to wonder if blurples aren’t responsible for some of the problems we have in grows. Added to real full spec lights, they boost production with extra color, but by themselves do not create a good grow atmosphere.

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