Growing inside now and outside in 2023 here in the NorthEast

… Genius…
(Just sayin)


6 beautiful plants :rofl::rofl::rofl: looking good.


It’s funny you mention solo cup tags been doing it for quite some time, lol. 4 Grateful Breath clones fresh out of the cloner.

I know roots are a bit to much, lol.

2 in Coco, and 2 in small pots promix hp


Nah i like big roots it’s when there like 24" its a bit extreme lol.

This how i like em.


nor do I and I do not mist them

that does work :slight_smile: cups when I am done with them they are done :wink:

the tags I am using right now were 8.99 a 1000 when I bought them

want not waste not

a few more :wink:

they are roots

I like big roots and I can’t deny

all the best and be safe



Today is 09/16/2022

yes I have a few more then six plants, seeds are so little and cuttings have no roots

so are they really plant?

so I did change out my lights to be all the same 8 dollar a strip LEDs

the plants appear to like them which works for me

as what I know about LEDs you could put into a thimble and it would roll around

like a BB in a box car

grow well and be safe



Nice how warm are those lights? Have you tried lowering them? Just curious? They may be bright enough already?? How many watts are all of them combined?


they are 6000K

I have not I have raised the plants closer, on the shelves I left

the same distance I used with the T-12 shop lights which were 2 tube per fixture

for about 120 watts a shelf

each shelf has 4 lights for 144 watts a shelf so knock off

14.4 watts for overhead they are about 128 watts each

the 11 light over the 4 foot by 4 foot 383 watts so again lose

38.3 watt for about 345

total 671 watts from the wall

all the best and be safe



today is 09/19/2022

over the weekend took the ones in the drink cups and move them up to

one gallon round pots

they are Island Sweet Skunk x Holy Goddess (8), The Black x Holy Goddess(2)

they both regular photo plants

Moroccan Peanut Butter Breath (2) female, Rapunzel’s(1) female

moved from 2 in x 2 in cell packs to drink cups

Purple Diesel x Holy Goddess (photo - reg) (7), Blue Berry F7 x Chocolate OG (Thai)

photo-reg (6)

all the best and be safe



plant count

MAC BX1 [(Terple x MAC) x MAC V2] - 1

Mr. Clean (Exotic Genetix) x MAC V2 (Capulator) - 2

Black Alien Mac x Runtz/ Face Off OG - 1

Henny ( Mac f2/Mendo Breath f3 x Grandma Vodka f2 - 1

Black Alien MAC bx 1

MAC BX1 [(Terple x MAC) x MAC V2] cut - 4

Mr. Clean (Exotic Genetix) x MAC V2 (Capulator) cut - 8

Black Alien Mac x Runtz/ Face Off OG cut - 4

Henny ( Mac f2/Mendo Breath f3 x Grandma Vodka f2 cut - 4

Black Alien MAC bx cut 4

rapunzel kush - 2 female

Moroccan peanut breath - 2 female

banana pebbles - 2 female

bruised ego - 2 female

big block punch - 1 female

Cherry Garcia x Grape zotz - 1 female

iss x hg - 8 photo reg

pd x hg - 7 photo reg

bb x Thai - 5 photo reg

so we are at 60 plants :frowning: so much for the six


Nice work @dequilo my man looking good and some good strains


Nice work yo!


Well there is a 6 in the number if that counts for anything lol.


seeds are so small :slight_smile:


Today is 10/02/2022

these shots are from 09/25/2022 to start which

“seeds are so small”

they turn into plants that need more room which has to have more light

the story of my life

I did have some strips left over and used them to make another light

ended up being about 550 watts from the wall so I would guess about

500 watts of light

these shots are from this weekend moved out of the drink cups

to one gallon round pots in soil-less pro mix hp

the females plants from outside have been moved into Hempy Buckets

after knocking off 95 % of the soil-less the plants are not so happy :frowning:

Purple Diesel x Holy Goddess

Blue Berry F7 x Chocolate OG

whacked back to the third node

still with me

clones just out of the water

both lights are using 953 watts from the wall

after the trim

ones that just moved from red cups

Grape Zotz and Bruised Ego females

becoming nice bushes

all the best and be safe



Nice one @dequilo


Your girls are all looking GREAT!
Looks like the additional lights are appreciated !


Someone is busy, looking sweet. :v:


it could have been far worse :slight_smile: my three time Felon ass could be sitting

in jail :frowning:

that would have sucked ass huge

super hard to grow the weed in the Joint

so in the end you just pick up the pieces and move on

I am back to where I am way over the the 6 or 12 plants I can have

they missed plants that are females so that saves me a week or six

the thing that is killing me is 8 foot by 16 foot is so small after being

back working outside the last two seasons

just need to figure how and where I will be flowering as at some point

in time I will need to flower a crop

Nice seeing you my friend :slight_smile:

I have and they are starting to look better but I may need to build a

8 x 16 addition to flower

thank you for your kind words and they are liking the added lights

for sure

I am still learning how to best work with these LEDs, it would be so

easy to flip a switch and have 5500 watts of HIDs running

but after using G_d’s free lights

the power bill would give me a heart attack

Thank You My Friend things are getting better

having them jack all my work still has a sting to it

but what does not kill us make us stronger

all the best and enjoy the day



10/06/2022 is today

here are some photos

becoming nice little bushes, need to feed them getting a bit of yellowing

on some of the younger ones

everything will get some Jack’s Classic 20-20-20 this weekend

the ones that got their soil-less knocked off and stuffed into

Hempy buckets

they are not so happy at this time, they do have little leaves coming

on they should make it time will tell

if not I have way too many plants so no lose

clones starting to recover these are from the 5 different females

the Police missed outside, if the Hempys do not make it I still have

the genetics

5 MAC crosses

Purple Diesel X Holy Goddess

Blue Berry F7 x Chocolate OG

a quick update

all the best and grow well