Growing now inside now and outside in 2024 here in the NorthEast

Good Day all so it is a bit cold today here in Upstate New York to be working outside

so I am working inside until spring in an 8 foot by 16 foot grow room

just running a single double ended 1000 watt MH to keep six ladies in veg to

use as stock plants to cut clones

they are in a 4 by 8 foot space and I have a 4 foot by 4 foot table being lit by

320 watts of LEDs

under which I will run cloners and start seedlings

Right now I have some clones in the water and some seedlings going and seeds started

just to dial it all in for ventilation, light coverage, etc

I have had plants in the room since October but have just started working on getting them

back in shape to be used as mothers

I did just picked up 8 clones from a vendor on Strainly to get some new blood into the mix

I am somewhat of a seed Whore and was not going to buy anymore but someone had

a 50% off sale so I bought 13 seed packs of 5 seeds each shipped to the door for

100 US$ so how could I not at that price and all feminized to boot :wink:

so I will grow the six the state lets me grow and put out 30 or 50 because I like to grow

my camera batteries are dead so when they are charged I will put up photo

and bore you all to tears

all the best and be safe



Sounds good to me. I’ll be hanging out watching.


nice to have you hanging :slight_smile:

and please feel free to add whatever, also looking for advice

and how other folk do their work

be safe and stay free



Today is 12/21/2021 the beginning of my 2022 outside season

Good Day All as they say time to get this show on the road :wink:

I always end with way more plants than space so this year I will try to have

that not happen

it is all because I lack adult supervision :slight_smile:

Sunday 12/19/2021 to get the ball rolling I planted some beans

8 Sebring’s Ancestral Skunk

4 northern skunk and 4 southern skunk

5 Blueberry Haze and 5 Highland Oaxacan Gold or H.O.G.

4 Lemon Haze x Joe FixIt

8 Mystery Beans that showed up in my PO Box might be Freak Show

8 mixed beans off my rolling tray

8 Chocolate Thia x Chocolate Thia

8 (Hickok Haze x C99) x Holy Goddess

8 Blueberry IBL x Chocolate Thia

8 Chocolate Rain

and so it starts another year of growing madness

being a seed whore I went out and bought 13 packs of feminized beans for 100$

from Truefire Genetics to try some of their stuff as it was inexpensive

also they are having a 50% off sale at

I picked up some clones from a vendor on Strainly to try some new things

got 8 different clones went with

  1. The New 1) Ridge Cake 1) Vanilla Frosting 1) Wedding Cake 1) GMO

  2. Alien OG 1) Blue Cookies and 2) Venom OG

for 9 total

also have 6 or 7 different Feminized Autos to try outside, so staying with the six plants

is not going to happen

I will weed it down to a couple of this and couple of that to keep it so my wife

does not have a heart attack and die

I do not need a Murder Charge

all the best and grow well



Set to watch. I am also growing a Vanilla Frosting. Mine is Humboldt seed co. Interested in seeing it grown outdoors :blush:. Happy growing.


Hello at this time I do not know much about the cross :frowning: so I will have

to check their description

was a price point thing for me the clones are heavily root, bug free and shipped to

the door for 25$ ea.

vanilla frosting is Humboldt Frost x Humboldt Gelato BX3 so it should be interesting

growing it under the sun

thanks for stopping by



im an outdoor grower, can’t wait to see what you do :slight_smile: curious though, you’re in the north east, mind if i ask what state? im midwest, upper Michigan to be more precise. i only ask cus the conditions like frost, wind, and temp can vary, and im a curious sort lol.


I’m following along. I’m like @kuntrybudz very curious. Will you be growing in a greenhouse this early in the season?


Hello My Friend I am in Upstate New York at the southern edge of the Adirondacks

on top of the Mohawk river valley at 1200 feet

it is always windy at my place except for about 4 times a year

we would always get a frost by mid September but this year it was the end of October

I got my stuff out this year (2021) the first of May, I work from clones outside

I grow mostly in the ground but do some pots, the soil I grow in outside is

about 30 years of Horse manure in my gardens

Inside I grow mostly in 7 gallon pots with Pro Mix/ Soilless

I use Jack’s Classic 20-20-20 for veg and 10-30-20 for flower at half strength

you can always give them more :wink: if need be

I have used 4 foot shoplights T-12s for seedlings and cuts for years but last

year I went to LEDs

for lights I use 1000 watt select a watt digital ballast with double ended lights

the room can run up to 5500 watts

@nacho151 I wish i had a greenhouse this state is not that cool yet, so I am

working in a 8 foot by 16 foot grow room which is a building in a building

of sort

it will get tight as always and I will get out as early as I can, also I hope to add

another 8 foot by 16 foot to the room for 16 foot by 16 foot

thanks for stopping I am looking for some photo on this computer as I am

at work I do not know what is on here

all the best and enjoy the day


skunk #1 from 7/2008


so here is some photo from Back at OverGrow from the end of 2000


this is my first grow box, it 4 foot by 8 foot and is 8 foot tall it has

three 400 watt High Bay warehouse lights in it

running 2 Metal Halide and 1 High Pressure Sodium for 1200 watts

I should never use power tools that cut and if I measure something

cut it three time it will still to short

Skunk #1 in a 14 inch peat pot

BC Big Bud in a 12 inch dollar urn, all from 2000

Nirvana Mango from 2003

a plant from outside in 2008

a grow on a back porch 2010

just looking thru photo on this PC to share

peace and be safe



Today is 12/23/2021

As I am bored too tears and planting more beans at this time without an

addition is not in the cards :frowning:

I will move stuff around in the room and clean it one more time really

well over the Holidays

I need to make 6 smaller bubble cloners as mine are too big (too much water)

it is ever hot or cold

and I want to build a couple of LED light to put over 2 foot by 4 foot shelves

for clones and seedlings

I need to round up a few more parts but I have

21 BXEB-L0560Z-35E2000-C-B3 two foot strips

2 HLG-185H-24AB drivers

so I think I will build a couple of lights to use, take pictures and them up

I need some wire and aluminum, I have see what the maintenance people

here have

all the best and be safe



just another day on the road to utopia 12/25/2021

so I moved stuff around for the umpteenth time

now I have 1600 watts of MH light covering about 12 by 8 foot

I have photo but left my camera in the room so later :slight_smile:

I was not going to plant anymore beans until the end of the January but planted

4 feminized auto Poisoned Kush

Hey what is 4 more plants :slight_smile:

photos and blah blah blah soon



A list 12/27/2021 :slight_smile: of maybes

Brutal Impact
alien Tech x Death Breath

Horny Gelato
Mint Gelato x Unicorn poop

Bruised Ego
7 of 9 x Mega Mac

Squished Cookies x Unicorn poop 

Final Breath
Purple Garlic Breath
Charlie Manson (Ultra Mind Kontrol x SoCal Pure OG)

Living Corpse
666  (7of 9 x Death Breath)
Death Breath

Squished Gemz
Brutal Impact (Alien Tech x DeathBreath) *Death cut
OGKB Studley (reversed )

PeanutButter Fangz  (gmo x PurplePunch2.0 ) x PeanutButterBreath)
Unicorn poop

Cherry Garcia x Grape zotz 

White wedding x Grape Obama

Banana pebble

Animal cookies

Peanut Butter Breath×Velvet Breath

Sundae Driver×French Toast×Morockin Kush 

Sundae Driver×French Toast×Velvet Breath

Morockin Kush×Peanut Butter Breath

So today is 12/29/2021 and time to start this Grow log for real

As most folks in life today I had a thought about why I have soo many

seedlings going soo far from spring

I lack Adult Supervisor as I told my dear wife it is all her fault :wink:

blame others and play the victim :slight_smile:

So I have a bunch of unknown seedling that will hit the bin :frowning:

they did not die in vain they served a purpose

I have not worked in this grow since this time last year and only moved

6 plants back inside October 1, 2021 to use for cloning

Black N Blue (Blackberry Diesel x Blue Tahoe) New420Guy

Bubba-gum Kush (Bubba Kush pre 98 x Bubble Gum) New420Guy

smells like the gum in Topps baseball cards

Bruce Banner 3 seeds from New420Guy

Ganj-Nam Style (Mekong High x Critical Mass) Dr Krippling a single Female seed

Moroccan Hash Plant (landrace) Alpha Seed Bank

so they came inside and just sat under a light for a couple weeks with the

light on 24 hours a day as they were in heavy flower

after that they went from a 3 gallon pot to a 7 gallon pot, I cut off 2/3 of

the top growth and gave the a shot of Jack’s Classic 20-20-20

they brought in some White Flies and the room at Mites

so I killed the bugs and burnt some Sulfur just to be safe as I do not need

any Powder Mildew

also it was a great time to do it

Almost time to cut some clones for real, I started a bunch of unknown/mixed seeds

to dial the room in for heat, ventilation, light coverage and layout

so much easier to do with an empty room, but I always seen to do it when the

room is over filled

I am using a new soil-less mix this season went to the wholesaler and Pro-Mix HP

went up about 8 dollars a 3.8 cu ft bales

so I am trying a mix that is from what i can tell so far about the same called

Lambert AP but is almost 10 dollars a bale cheaper

I moved my lights around to cover 2/3 of the room with 1600 watts of

Metal Halide light using 4 - 1000 watt Digital ballast running at 400 watts each

so I can crank them up to 4400 watts if need be

I have seedling and will do clones on a 2 foot by 4 foot baker rack with 4 shelves

I will use 2 with 160 watts of LED shoplight replacement fixtures, I have been

using 4 foot twin bulb T-12s for years, but bought some LEDs last spring

time to put them to work

Here is a list of the first round of beans planted and what popped

4 - Lemon Haze x Joe Fixit Demonic Genetics

4 - Highland Oxacan Gold Socal Seed Vault

4 - Blueberry x Original Haze Socal Seed Vault

8 - 2021 Mix off my rolling tray the male is a Holy Goddess

(Santa Shiva x Holy Princess) Santero

8 - Chocolate Rain (Dna Chocolope and Cocoa Kush) Eskobar

8 - (Hickok Haze x C99) x Holy Goddess by me

8 Blueberry (IBL) x Chocolate OG F2 by me

8 Chocolate OG x Chocolate OG F3 by me

Chocolate OG is

Grand Chocolate (Triple Ott Organics) x Kirkwood OG F2 (Kirkwood cut x Face off OG BX1) F2

4 - Northern Skunk Jamescoldflame

4 - Southern Skunk Jamescoldflame

6 - Ancestral Skunk (Preservation Seeds) Sebring

that for now is a bit of an overview of what is in the works for this outside

2022 season

the 6 plant limit in this state is going to be gone over by a little :wink:

my PC here is not reading my SD card so no pictures until I get home

all the best and be safe



Do it. Pictures, pictures, pictures. :wink::+1:t3::v:t3:


soon as I get home :slight_smile: still have a day job for now


so I had said some place here a long the line that I would not

be planting any beans until the First or Second week of February

because it was a bad idea :frowning:

But I am grow 12 or 15 Autos this year and really need to get a

better understanding of how to grow them, as I did a piss poor job

growing mine last season

I start them in 2" x 2" cell packs moved the to 16 oz solo cups after which

I moved them to 3 gallon grow bags

I got a good amount of smoke but the plants would have grown better

maybe I should have read an Auto grow report/log

so I started four beans

they are Feminized Autos from these Folks

Poisoned Kush which is OG Kush x Red Poison

I do not know anything thing about the cross and it is the first time I

have grown this Breeders Work

I did four because four 12 inch pots fit nicely on the table

I would tell you I planted them straight into the pot :frowning: which would be

untrue, I tried but I just could not do it

so I did them in a wet paper towel in a ziplock bag than put them into the


such little plants in such big pots, something that is not the way I grow

but from what I have now read more to the Autos liking :slight_smile:




and four

they are out of the ground and growing and should be done I believe in 65 days

I am in a state that is saying that we can grow 3 plant for each Adult

up to six

I might be a bit over that number at this time

10 seedlings in 1 gallon pots that I started a couple weeks ago mix

seeds of my breeding over the years

they look like they may have Azad Kashmir in them

a bunch of babies, anything with tags I know what they are anything

without tags will hit the bin as space runs short

under LEDs

clones that got cold in the Post Offices truck overnight :frowning:

looking better

they are coming around :slight_smile: the post office is so hit or miss to ship

stuff, sometimes really quick other times slower than death

plants to be cloned soon (as if I need more plants) to be shared with folks this

season here in the NorthEast

so it begins @happilyretired photos for you :wink:

all the best and grow well



Very nice… :wink::+1:t3:


OK all you Great Auto Gurus I have a question and would love to hear you thoughts

about something I think I might do

I am having buyer’s remorse about putting my Autos in soil-less :frowning:

if i would have thought pass the moment I would have done Hempy Buckets

So here is the question if a wait a week and let them go can I move the to a different media?

I know once their growing you should just let them go and do what they do

I do not want to have the flowering at 2 weeks old

so help a Brother out


EDIT or I could just plant more :slight_smile: once you are over a 100 who counts?


So the 2022 season has really started :slight_smile: today is 01/03/2022

it is time to start this Grow Log for real

here are 68 seedlings that will be used outside this season

just looking for females, I am not making beans outside this season

these are Photo Regulars

these 10 plants in 1 gallon pots are an unknown mix of some beans I

made outside last season the Male was a Holy Goddess

you will see plants without tags that means I do not know what they are

and they could get chopped and binned at any time

but for now they get grown

4 foot bakers rack with 160 watts LEDs on each shelf

18 unknown seedlings waiting on death row, 4 Poisoned Kush Autos, 14 smaller

unknown seedlings and 24 known clones

not sure what they are but they are growing well, I needed something grow

they have work well to test the setup

smaller ones

I would guess on was an Auto :frowning: did not like the transplant

sad clones they were like Goldilocks ether too hot or too cold but

never just right

since I am running lights hey can stay for now

big pots of little plants

clone the Post Office tried to freeze :frowning: they are coming back

some random plant shots

all the best and Happy New year