Growing now inside now and outside in 2024 here in the NorthEast

Now I know why I can’t find any solo cups, lol. Have to get a 2nd job, how do you have time. Simply a full time job you have going. Oh wait 6 plants :rofl::sunglasses: Got to love it. Happy growing.


Start them now inside, flip to flower in April and put them outside in June… perfect :wink::+1:t3::v:t3:


that is about what I was thinking also :slight_smile:

soon as they get here i will need to start them


@dequilo your the man you find all the good strains those Hazes look good tho



I will be back with photos and Blah Blah Blah


OK Today is 01/25/2023 and we are just 96 days away from May 1st

thank G_d :slight_smile:

First an update with words

about a week ago I got my second PAR meter which I like a lot

and found out how far my VPD was off my RH was so wrong for the temps it

was killing my plants :frowning:

Before we go any further I will say killing plants is not a problem for me

it is a path to learning

so after working on getting everything correct, I had to break out my 30 pint

dehumidifier , one more piece of energy sucking hardware to pull money

out of my pocket

why I like to grow outside lower overhead :slight_smile:

with that being said it was need after a short period of time my plants are

finally starting to come back

I was having a bad time getting the plants on a good wet/dry cycle as the

were not growing, the soil was wet and cold

they needed to be feed as soil-less has nothing in it I use Jack’s Classic

which is dry nutes and needs to mixed in water

watering hungry wet plants is not a good idea so I sprinkled on a third rate

dose of Osmocote

of course when the soil dried out after getting the RH right and the plants growing

I watered with Jack’s oops :frowning:

so now I have a bit of burn, the 3500k light sucks to take photos

I will be back with photo of stuff and Blah Blah Blah



so my wife wanting to show some Adult Supervision

says to me "if you pull the males and throw out all but one Female, then plant

more seeds your plant does not go down"

go figure


Time to get the photos here about up to date

I have been slacking as the 3500k light sucks ass for photo kinda like

an HPS

I did get this meter a week or so ago but just put it into play

on 01/20

my humidity was too high for the temps with the lights on and way too

with the lights off

so the soil-less would not dry out, the plant were not growing and the

soil-less was getting too cold because of that

at the start of working to get things right you can see the fert burn

around the edges :frowning: oops

it will come back “what does not kill us makes us stronger” :slight_smile:

after a few days you can see the new growth looks better and in time they

should be all good

I have 5 Montana Yetis I am going to finish inside (or finish off) the are Feminized


I have done horrible with Autos inside :frowning:

picking out the female

a bit after light on

thing are so much better and plants are more happy

what a difference a day makes

oops :frowning: at least they do not hate me :slight_smile:

cut it down to a single female of each :slight_smile: I can only grow six :wink:

Female Plants

you have to work really hard at killing The Weed

all the best and enjoy the day



Thats way too much work for me, make me dizzy :laughing: well after enlightenment you still have to carry the water. I hear u say lol


I am in a Field that much of my work cannot be touched :frowning:

growing gives me work that can be :slight_smile:

I do like when Folks talk about how hard it is to manager 4 or 5 plants inside

try 50 or 60 in an 8 by 16 foot room with all the stuff that goes with it

but as my grandma always told me “idle hands are the Devils workshop”

all the best and grow well



True bro. Wouldn’t be a garden with just one plant.
I can imagine the hard work, i reckon i could do it!


things are only as hard as we make them


I do everything the hard way first time lol


here is one for you I have had a paypal account for over 24 years

and they close my account for the word Cuban

Cuban Missile Crisis in the products name


Ive just awoken from a heavy body buzz from that Space Shake Chocolate Flapjack. I’ve re read that a few times and fogot how to walk. Im still stoned. How long goes this last? Its about 5grams a slice of Mac1 unsorted shake.


@dequilo they looking alguds alot of work but worth it


Haha. You’ll be good for 6 hours or so :wink:


Ya right. The high last about 12 hrs. In and out of trances deep sleeps. Haven’t felt like that for ages. You’d think thc oil is stronger. Something about pure fresh cut bud toppings n trimmings.


yeah boi, that was a good travel haha.


The high was intense but loved the ride. Time for sativa now