Growing THCA "Hemp Flower"

So I own a store in Texas.
Unfortunately, we live in a state that only has legal access to hemp derived products.
I’m glad we are getting things that are more natural than Delta 8 and isomers, though I know they have their place.
Federal definition of hemp is Cannabis that contains under 0.3% Delta 9 THC by dry weight.
We know have what the industry is calling THCA flower, which I know is just marijuana that’s testing under the 0.3 on D9, but still high in THCA.
From the little info that I’ve found, I’ve read that it’s something that’s specifically done in the curing process that keeps those levels under.
Does anyone have more info on this or know about this process?
We’re looking at starting a grow, so that we can be prepared for when Texas legalizes in the year 2055. Ha
This would be a way that we can become established and ready while still making a decent profit in the meantime.
Any information that could help us from seed to curing that keeps us compliant would be greatly appreciated.


Here’s a bit of information on thca flower. I’m not sure what you could change in dry and cure that would stop the thca from converting to THC overtime.


I have been wanting to grow in Texas for 2 years now. I have connections in Houston. I would love to grow Texas!


Did you ever grow and / or find any information on growing tHCA plants specifically?

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I hope you do