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Growyourowndope Outdoor Grow Journal

This year’s line up consists of 3 mother plants I had sitting inside all winter, they are a Grapefruit, Cafe Racer and Gorilla Zkittlez. I’m also growing a few Northern Lights plants that I will be feeding different nutrients just to compare. 2 more babies are coming out soon too,Afgooey and Gorilla Glue #4. The Northern Lights plants are all getting dry soluble nutrients from 3 different companies as a comparison (1. Reefertilizer 2. Dakine_420 3. Ludicrous)

All of the other plants will be fed FoxFarm Cultivation Nation, another product new to myself. Everything will be grown in a FoxFarm Ocean Forest potting soil and fed once a week and will be finally transplanted in 15 gallon fabric pots to finish. The Northern Lights were fed last week ,first pictures show before. Bottom picture of moms.

![image|375x500] (upload://kktBubQ5u0XNgI9iGFJrmY7h7tL.jpeg) Uploading: 8BF3ABE0-0988-467A-B706-2C7CBF0D7D75.jpeg… Uploading: FAF7A807-0DB2-4972-954B-1F90A5B1A5FE.jpeg…



Looking Good @growyourowndope
I’m Tracking your progress with this outdoor grow. I have some Gorilla Glue #4 Fem seeds, that I very excited to grow in spring time in my greenhouse.

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:



I have gone ahead and transplanted all the girls, unfortunately I’ve hade to do a little change in my growing medium as I was going to use FoxFarm Ocean Forest but do to high demand I’ve hade to buy something different. I’m using a 50/50 mix of FoxFarm and Destiny Grow systems(Dark Matter). I will be eventually transplanting all into 20 gallon RhizoPots. Plants also got a good dose of DynoMyco. I’m running my ph at 6.5 and ec is around 1.8, plants get fed once a week with water in between. The Northern Lights have been top all over.


Almost all transplanted, one left( Afgooey) . Going into. 20 gallon Rhizopot with Gaia Green Living soil. Northern lights are in 15 gallon fabric pots with Destiny grow systems Dark Matter super soil.


Ph is kept at 6,5 for all my plants, everything is finally transplanted. Afgooey is in a 15 gallon fabric pot with 100% Destiny Grow Systems Dark Matter Super Soil.


Hey those look awesome @growyourowndope! What fertilizer do you like best?

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I would also love to know which nutrient line you’re liking the best as I’m considering buying a nutrient line myself and I’m also using FF ocean forest.


Sorry I haven’t posted in some time…check out the whole grow from start to finish with all the information. Instagram @cannabiscultivate. For all who can’t get to IG, I will post all in the coming days. Thank you and sorry again.:pray:


My personal favourite is the Dakine420


Right on thanks man!

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