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Growyourowndope Outdoor Grow Journal

This year’s line up consists of 3 mother plants I had sitting inside all winter, they are a Grapefruit, Cafe Racer and Gorilla Zkittlez. I’m also growing a few Northern Lights plants that I will be feeding different nutrients just to compare. 2 more babies are coming out soon too,Afgooey and Gorilla Glue #4. The Northern Lights plants are all getting dry soluble nutrients from 3 different companies as a comparison (1. Reefertilizer 2. Dakine_420 3. Ludicrous)

All of the other plants will be fed FoxFarm Cultivation Nation, another product new to myself. Everything will be grown in a FoxFarm Ocean Forest potting soil and fed once a week and will be finally transplanted in 15 gallon fabric pots to finish. The Northern Lights were fed last week ,first pictures show before. Bottom picture of moms.

![image|375x500] (upload://kktBubQ5u0XNgI9iGFJrmY7h7tL.jpeg) Uploading: 8BF3ABE0-0988-467A-B706-2C7CBF0D7D75.jpeg… Uploading: FAF7A807-0DB2-4972-954B-1F90A5B1A5FE.jpeg…



Looking Good @growyourowndope
I’m Tracking your progress with this outdoor grow. I have some Gorilla Glue #4 Fem seeds, that I very excited to grow in spring time in my greenhouse.

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:



I have gone ahead and transplanted all the girls, unfortunately I’ve hade to do a little change in my growing medium as I was going to use FoxFarm Ocean Forest but do to high demand I’ve hade to buy something different. I’m using a 50/50 mix of FoxFarm and Destiny Grow systems(Dark Matter). I will be eventually transplanting all into 20 gallon RhizoPots. Plants also got a good dose of DynoMyco. I’m running my ph at 6.5 and ec is around 1.8, plants get fed once a week with water in between. The Northern Lights have been top all over.


Almost all transplanted, one left( Afgooey) . Going into. 20 gallon Rhizopot with Gaia Green Living soil. Northern lights are in 15 gallon fabric pots with Destiny grow systems Dark Matter super soil.