Gruene Anolyte seeking performance tester for GroWash

Calling all @growopowners, @GrowOpEmployees, @Caregivers, and @mastergrowers. Texas-based company Gruene Anolyte is looking for a performance tester for a groundbreaking new seed to sale plant and root cleanser called GroWash. Using hypochlorous acid entirely derived from salt, water, and electricity, it has achieved spectacular results on tobacco, tomatoes, and mint, and they are now looking for a partner to test on cannabis. This is an exciting opportunity to be compensated for helping bring a new technology into the cannabis industry. Please reach out to @pacifico, VP of Marketing, for details.


We may be interested can you tell me some more about this product?


Hello and thank you for your interest.

GroWash is a non-toxic, pH balanced, pure hypochlorous acid product that can be used as a plant and root cleanser from seed to sale including, but not limited to, the following use cases:

Seed Wash
Cloning Solution Complement
Reservoir Cleaning
Cleaning Irrigation Lines
Plant Wound Care during Trimming
Plant/Root Cleaning during Flowering

GroWash requires no PPE and can be used in any hydroponic, aeroponic, fogponic, or traditional media grow. GroWash is a safe, non-toxic alternative to hydrogen peroxide or similar products in your grow.

We are looking to run performance testing on five or six cannabis plants to start to determine phytotoxicity, residuals, and persistence (if any of the three) when using GroWash.

Please let me know if there are any other specific questions I can answer for you. Thanks!