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Gunman Robs Santa Rosa Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Glad nobody was hurt:

Just goes to show how important security is for all aspects of the business.

Ack, poor woman. I can’t imagine the kind of terror that would put you through.

It’s kind of amazing – anybody in the supply chain can be targeted because cannabis is such a valuable product.

Ugh, really didn’t need bad press like this – working on lifting the cannabusiness ban in my home town of Alameda, California. And safety is something people are concerned about. We’ve countered that any business can be robbed, jewelry stores, etc… Cannabusinesses have added security, making the block safer.

But of course, valuable product plus ALL CASH = issues.

We really need banks in this industry. And credit card processing.


Are there credit unions in California that accept cannabusiness? Maine has one - C port Credit Union