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Hairy Root Culture for production of Cannabinoids

Hairy Root Cultures for the Production of Cannabinoids

This mean the growers doing hydroponics May have an advantage. @hunter, @Growernick, @MK3_Pharms


I’m all about hairy root culture! Wait…are we still talking about plants?!

Great and very detailed article, @ethan! Thanks for sharing. Great science read! @Hunter, this one is right up your alley!


You realize the hydroponic growers will win with the fewest inputs and the highest potential out puts. This is going to be a dollar and sence game.

If the goal is secondary compounds of a given profile, pick the clone you like try growing it hydroponicly verse in a medium. Airponic is likely the way to go because it produces the most root hairs. The stresser induced into the environment for the conversation of precanibanoids to canabinods is going to be a key. So will be total carbohydrate reserves at time of flower induction will play a role in output.

Also we need to keep in mind the portion of the plant that is doing 95% of the photosynthesis in Canabis is the upper third of the flowering branch. Let me find the reference this. It’s an old paper.

The @GrowFlux people should be able to do a thin film extraction of pigments to give us the exact spectrum needed at each stage production. Spinach test on Canabis I think they would have a hundred dollars to invest in the extraction supplies. They may have already done this but have not posted it.

I also think we could flower cycle faster and have higher flower out put as a function total grams produced per square foot year of production. @Farmer_Dan, ideas here on physiology of the Grow? Maybe as low as 6 to 8 week crop time.

Just the voices in my head