Hang your hat and put your roots down in Calaveras County, Ca

Planning Dept. in the County says I have an eligible property for 2 outdoor 1 acres or 2 Indoor 1/2 acre grows on this 43 acre site.
If you are a commercial grower, I have a State and County eligible commercial grow property for your business and future.
There is a well on the property that has been providing excellent water for 30 straight years. Electricity is available and full sun for multiple grows per year. Mixed light and indoor is also available as an option.
I am a 20+ year indoor, outdoor grower, so I understand the concerns of growers and have the ability and expectations to make adjustments.
I am looking for a positive professional collaboration.
Contact me for more information and to begin the next phase of your business.

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For this forum, are you looking to sell, lease, JV? The site.
Also, what would fit best to your climate? Calaveras has a wide range of micro climates, and a unique profile for growing.
A combination of indoor and mixed light greenhouses is probably the most stabilized and cost effective operations.
Take a look at Canna Cribs, right here at Grower’s Network.
Which operation best fits your climate?
Then you’ll know the type of experience you’re looking for.
Yes it isn’t that hard to grow, but, to grow it consistently at a high level of quality, that does require experience.

I am looking to lease the area on the property designated for the cannabis garden(s).