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Hanna HI 10000, yeah not a home grow op

I have recently been asked to figure out the Hanna System at work, the two people who took care of the unit left abruptly. I am trying to figure out the Recipes and EC Values for the injection for the fertigator, I have a break down for the old nutrients we used but I need to find one for Athena Pro. I have emailed and called Hanna without response as of yet and well time is of the essence, I’m trying to lower the EC from 3.0 to 0.5 so we can give the ladies a flush. Unfortunately I can lower the EC to that level without a problem, but since the % of mixture from the barrels hasn’t changed my pH value is spiking, went from 5.7 to 6.7. I know that a small spike in pH for the last few weeks isn’t a issue, but want to be able to control the pH and EC for the full growth cycle.

Any one with any knowledge would be super helpful, I have read the instruction manual, but unfortunately I went to school for history not advanced mechanical engineering

Thanks for your help.


Hi @krukster

This is a little out my depth and hope I can help. Have you considered calling, mailing one of their other franchises? Below is a link I found to FAQ’s relating to pH and EC, I hope something can help here:

What if I want to switch to EC measurements?

If you do not have a meter which reads both in EC and TDS you may prepare your fertilizer solution according too the directions given and take the EC reading. This will be your value. Or, consult with the manufacturer of your fertilizer for the correct EC readings for that particular fertilizer.

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krukster, you know that the actual best way to handle your situation is to get Hanna’s tech people to schedule a visit…gonna cost some money, but that is a sophisticated system and appears capable of doing anything you want to do… The only QUICK way to answer all your questions and clarify operational techniques is to get that tech on site and take away his keys until you understand it thoroughly.

If you establish a relationship with the tech, he will more than likely go out of his way to work with you over the phone once you understand the operating system. I would be prepared with several hypthetical but practical applications of the system so that after doing the introduction he could help you through the thought processes to solve your hypothetical issues…you are understandably intimidated by the system, but the concepts are all basic…FWIW


I would change the solution and use half tap water depending on your municipalities water source with a starting ec of .3 slowly add fertilizer til you reach desired ec! Then it will be a game of experience when to top off with water or nutrients. To keep desired ec throughout! The Tap water has bicarbonate which will buffer your pH. Hopefully That was helpful if not I’m sorry.

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