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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Great White North!

As I sit here dabbing with my nectar collector (There is no better way, I’m hooked), inhaling a tasty Golden Goat hybrid shatter and coughing my lungs out, I take pause to reflect on my last year as I wait for my eyes to regain focus.

At first in my sober haze I didn’t think I have much to be thankful for. To be honest this has be a year of planning and not one of progress. Which is hard for me, I’ve been a busy fella and haven’t had a stagnant year since I was only 8. No joke.

But as my eyes clear after that first dab, I find myself looking at my beautiful fiancee of 6.5 years. If I have anything to be grateful for, it’s her. After my trucking accident last winter its been a difficult road to recovery, emotionally and mentally more so than physically. And even with her own personal, and often overwhelming issues, she pushes through and tries her best to help me. No matter how much I refuse to admit that i need it…

She’s not a risk taker, but I am. She has dealt with the reality that every job I have had, there was always a very real risk of not coming home. And the one time I almost didn’t, she still stayed and supported me, no matter the next venture.

I promised her I would find a safer job. So what did I choose? Entrepreneurship! Cause that’s a safe, secure option right?! We are only financially recovering from my last business being hijacked from us 6 years ago. Like I said, I’m a risk taker, it’s in my blood. She supports me regardless of the risk I take and the constant anxiety that comes with it.

I love her for it.

I’m going to be successful because she deserves it.

I’m thankful for her because of it.

I would love to hear what everybody else is thankful for this October. I’m sure a lot of you outdoor guys are pretty thankful right about now eh? :wink:


Happy Thanksgiving Canada! I am thankful for everything in my life. I am also thankful that Canada has legalized Cannabis. yeah!!! enjoy my Canadian friends.


What a wonderfully heartfelt letter of thanks! We are all thankful to have this wonderful community in which to share and collaborate and yes, offer a round of thanks (followed by a round of celebratory dranks, perhaps?) for everything with which life has blessed us.

Although we are a month away from our American Thanksgiving, it’s always great to take a moment to stop and give thanks and praise for all that is good.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all our friends up North! Everyone be safe and have fun!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you too and all Canadian colleagues here. Thank you for sharing that with us. beautifully worded as well. I hope that you both enjoy many happy healthy successful years together.
I am very thankful this year as well. Last year, I had to deal with many stressful matters, but many are gone now. To name one, I got my permanent residency of Canada after a whole year of stressful delay… so I am very thankful to be able to call Canada my home now :slight_smile:

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That’s amazing! So great to have you here (well, here being North America and Growers Network)! Glad to hear you have managed to eliminate many of the stressful matters plaguing your life since our last earthly trip around the sun.

I love Canadians! So much :green_heart:

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Thank you Nick! It is great to be part of this community. I am honoured. BTW, I enjoy reading your writing as well. Very captivating :slight_smile:

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Awww thanks so much!

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Nick, Happy Thanksgiving, man. Thank you for your transparency. And beauty. I am a risk-taker too as many of us in this industry are.

Hey, are you, or do you know of any CAD manufacturers, interested in selling, or acquiring US-based partners?

We meant to connect months ago. Sorry we haven’t. Please call if you’re around tomorrow between 10am - 1pm EST. Elizabeth 647-701-3598

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@GoddessofPhun, if you’re talking to me, I would like to hear more about what your talking about.

Feel free to send me a DM. Let me know exactly what it is your looking to do and we can go from there.


I also feel like you may have been talking to my gloriously bearded friend,@bryan.eden.

Still here if you ever want to chat :grinning::+1:


Saw you on YouTube there buddy!

Well done!


Aww why thank you kind sir!