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Happy New Year! Whats Next?

Hello fellow Growers Network members, Happy New Year!!

Our team will be working hard this year to educate our audience on the benefits of enzymes and how Hygrozyme fits into a hydroponic growing system, but we’d like to ask for your help and input.

As the World’s Premier, and North America’s #1 selling, horticultural enzyme formula, what are some topics that you’d like to see from us?

  • Educational series on Enzymes 101
  • Interviews with your top customers (we can help here!)
  • Success stories using your products

Great, thanks for your feedback @nick! I will make sure our content development team gets your suggestions and look forward to posting more educational topics soon! Stay tuned :slight_smile:


@Hunter can speak with you about the Growers Spotlight contributor program. We can definitely help spread your content across our entire network!