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Happy Sysadmin Day!

Today is Sysadmin Day, which celebrates all the people who keep IT systems running:

A big thank you to everyone who keeps IT systems running and to all the sysadmins in the cannabis field. If you see your IT guy/gal today, give them a hug :slight_smile:


If it works you don’t exist. When things don’t work everyone scrambles for your phone number! The life of an IT specialist :slight_smile:


I can include a ven diagram

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Exactly :slight_smile:


We where doing a major facility upgrade when the election fell into a rack of core routers. Caused us to fail over to our backup site. And hours and hours of work for hundreds of people. It was until the next day and we failed back to primary service did anyone on the non stop conference call asked if the election was OK. No he suffered second degree burns.

But, we got to reschedule or month DR practice. For a weekend I was not on call.

I only had to be available for the big quarterly test and help plan our tests. We did come up with some devilish scenarios. Anything that didn’t get five out of five was practiced again

From the voices in my head
Ethan Kayes


At least the failover worked!


That they did. We only failed a drill once in 25 years. The Sun Cumputing trucks generator didn’t get filled with gas. Someone put diesel in the gas tank and gas in the diesel tank.


Boy, that must’ve been a fun discovery.

“Why is one backfiring and the other one won’t even start?”

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The smoke from the generator was a scream. I don’t know what Sun did but I am sure the engine on the 100k generator was shot.

We all turned everything back on and went and got drunk on the company’s dime.