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HaRdRoC's HoUsE #2

September 23rd,
New Grow year for me, testing out a new 4x4 tent from AC Infinity and also testing out Botanicare’s line up.
Doing a backcross preservation run on the Aficionado’s White Caviar, that @preybird1 worked for a few of my buddies, as well as chucking the pollen I got from @Olcoot on a Incredible Bulk, Gorilla Bubble, Bubble Gum, Washing Machine and Lemongrass.
I also have a few auto’s on the go,
2 Sugar Black Rose x Dark Devil created by a fella by the name of RiekoX and testing out
2 Cinderevil autos for a fella named Mrsparkle.
On of the Cinderevil’s stalks snapped when I was training her, so that’s the little one.

For the photos, I went from 24/0 for 2 weeks and then hit them with the 12/12 and they are now at day 29 from sprout, all have shown sex.
I started with 10 White Caviar and had 4 males and 2 runts that I Culled, which leaves me with 9 in the chucking tent.


I topped the photos 8 days ago, transplanted 3 days ago, and yesterday was 1st day of flower.

The 4 auto’s, I have under 20/4 lighting they are the same age as the photos and have been in flower for 4 days


Hey good to see you @hardroc plants looking good.


Hi @hardroc , That is a simple setup and you have some nice strains going. Keep it up.


Thanks man!!

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Simplicity is the way to go :grin:


I agree wholeheartedly. But there’s many ways for it to be simple. Some people simple is minimalist. For others simple is automation.

For instance I spend a ton of time trying to figure out new ways for it to be automatic so I don’t have to do anything except watch. Kind of an oxymoron.😵‍💫


Yes I agree with that as well.
I like hand watering my plants, just for the reason of while doing so, I can give them all a good look over and hopefully catch anything out of the norm, that I can get ahead of.
I’ve tried bulmats, not a fan and have auto pots.
Auto pots have their place for me, but I dunno, I just really enjoy the hands on approach.
Now if they came out with an automatic repotter,
I’d be down with that :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Yep i hand water 45 plants every night. I like to see the plants and monitor for bugs and issues. And i always talk to my plants. I


Didn’t realize AC Infinity made tents now. I use their 4" and 6" inline fans and carbon filters which work great!


Well the ladies are starting to get their stretch on, fed them their 1st bloom nutes.
10ml vitamino, 5ml tea, 7ml liquid karma and 20ml of bloom.
Tossed the trellis in there too, so I don’t have to deal with the stakes.

Here’s the auto’s, I went away for the weekend and the Cinderevil grew into the light, they had quite a stretch over just a couple days


I was thinking soaknbeans to run for the grow! Great find roc…

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September 29th,
7 days since pistils popped.

I took the trellis out, as it was just gonna get in my way for feeding.



October 6th,
2 weeks of flower