HARVEST DAY! Check it out!

I recieved a real lesson in sealing off a room and air conditioners this past month that I would like to share

I bought a bunch if two part foam insulation and sealed off my room

Not understanding how my air conditioner worked I inadvertently cut off all my return air for this type of AC by totally cutting off any air infiltration to the room.

My humidity went from this

To this

In a matter of hours and if I ran my dehumidifier in my newly sealed room my temps would soar to over 90° in a matter of minutes lol.

It took me four days of trouble shooting talking with some AC pros I know and I had figured out my problem…I had to get some return air to the air conditioner because it could no longer get it from inside the room.

After looking at that AC long and hard this is what I came up with. Wish I had some “before” pics but I don’t

First I took a Current Culture bucket and fabbed it to fit the back of the AC and accept 4" ducting

Then ran that ducting through the wall

Now this only took care of halfhalf of the return, I still had open vents

So from there I had to fab this round bucket to fit these corner vents

I got that done and the 4" ducting ran into it also

Looks like something out of an 80s sci fi movie now

But my environment is completely back tip normal or maybe even better now and the room is completely sealed

Got about two weeks till i harvest this one plant then will take out the DWC system for now, put my two plant autopot system in, a grow two plants about this size maybe a little bigger

Just thought I’d share. :sunglasses::v:


lesson learned. know dial it in you will have a nice grow room. I can just dream of having a grow room like yours.


Thanks man.

When I first started growing in it 3 years ago it didn’t even have walls lol…

I just been making upgrades as I go and this is the final product


Great lesson with great pics! Thanks for sharing @tdubwilly!


Awesome write up :slight_smile:
Thanks for including the SensorPush screenshot too


Hey thanks for reading @themonkeycant


Everything has been holding steady too.

Here’s my sensor push reading as of 1:50pm central time

I can’t complain with those numbers.

I did a little more defoliating now that I can concentrate on the plant instead of the grow room



Looking dense and tasty!


Lol I’m hoping it’s tasty, this will be the first time I see this strain all the way through too harvest.

Other than the 5 colas in the front, it is very dense.

At about 3 weeks into flower I accidentally burned those 5 colas with the vapors from the two part spray foam and they never densed up like the rest of them :neutral_face:


These were the ones that didn’t get burned


Congratulations! That’s a big milestone…Can’t wait to hear the report after you get to put some in the air!


I will for sure!

NYC diesel is the strain.

I had one going last year but after my break in I had to uproot the poor thing so this has been a long time coming lol


I had to do that once too when I got burglarized in Chicago …so sad :cry:

Now you get to taste the fruits of your labor!


How much did they get?

I got lucky. At the time I had decided to take a small break from growing bigger plants and just happen to only have two small autos that probably had a couple of ounces each at most and that nyc seedling, they didn’t take, but I couldn’t grow in there after that so I just uprooted it.

All in all they got my pride and 3 ounces of MJ but it got me to get my butt in gear and build a grow room that was not only functionable but safe too.


About 2.5 years :grinning:


Hello. What device/app is that your using for your room temp/humd?? Nice set up by the way. I’m loving your grow. Keeping me focus.


Good question @azbuds

I use the sensor push

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer for iPhone/Android - Humidity & Temperature Smart Sensor with Alerts. Developed and Supported in The USA


Then I use “kasa” smart plugs to turn things on and off

Here is the interface on my phone

and zmodo is my camera monitoring system

Back yard cam

And I can even take a look and see who had been snooping around
Garage cam

Total grow room control from my phone @vega0284


hey man that grow room looks legit! well done


Good to have peeps like that!